Planning for the Future

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Ask any successful person, I’m confident in believing they will all agree.  Planning for the future, should be more important than reliving your past.

I’ve seen a few different cycles in life and the one I’ve seen that includes almost all Americans.

This cycle has been referred to as the “Rat Race” by Robert Kiyosaki.  It is the never ending circle of working for “now” money, getting paid and then having too much month at the end of the money.

I have received a few messages asking how I was doing.  I was confused at first but they just noticed I’ve not been as active on social media lately.  So I figured I would let you know what I’ve been up to.

I’m planning for the future.

The End

CJ Hallock


Ok, I’ll give you some more details lol

So back about a year ago I started really looking into residual income and focusing on different strategies. I have a lot of irons in the fire and will share what works but not until it does.  Over the last 15 years or so I have been known to run my mouth about what I’m doing.  Doing so, has caused 2 people to flat out steal my ideas and I found that I started to self sabotage.

I’m not concerned with losing ideas.  Ask anyone who has spent more that 3-5 hours around me and they’ll tell you, I have new ideas for businesses almost hourly. So how did I start self sabotaging? I’ll tell you…

I would put just enough work into something to feel proud of accomplishing a task.  Then I’d run to the next idea. Unfortunately I was doing that thinking about “now” money.

I recently had one of my coaches tell me I was waisting my time and my talent.  I didn’t completely understand until I fully started to set detailed goals.

I was planning 1-3 months out and I wasn’t doing anything but going in circles. After the first full goal planning strategy I found that I was working the same amount of hours but was getting 10X the amount of work done.  I started to find myself working up until 10pm and not realizing it (it is currently 9:48pm)

When you plan for the future and set goals with a very strong why behind it you will find that your focus is so strong that the work wont feel like work.

So stop where you are and set bigger goals.  Look into who you want to be and start reverse engineering it.  Create a detailed step by step plan taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.


I can tell you it wont be easy. I can tell you that there will be times that you wished for a 9-5.  But I will also tell you that when I get a phone call from a loved one who needs a favor and I can drop what I’m doing and go without having to ask for permission, I realize that I am blessed.

Don’t forget your why, stay focused take massive action and remain grateful for all that you have.

Just sitting here wanting to share some thoughts going through my mind at this second so I figured why not. And, now that you have read my ramblings I’ll finish with one of my favorite quotes of all time…

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. ~Benjamin Franklin

Also I’m working on a new scheduling process for content so I’m spread out between videos blogs podcasts and my live events so if you prefer one over the other feel free to shoot me a message, tweet or a comment below.

Talk Soon,


What are you doing?

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Seriously, what are you doing?

I’m not asking to get pitched to but I am curious. Throughout my feeds & timelines on social media I’ve seen a lot of people posting and talking about business. So, basically, What are you doing?

I’m working some some research so if you could please do me a favor and comment below with your answers to the following questions.

  1. What are you doing? (are you a business owner, entrepreneur, side money project) Just a small break down of what you are doing for your dream. Are you blogging, creating content?
  2. How much business do you need in order to hit your goal? (I hope you have goals set!)
  3. What is your favorite social media site/app?
  4. What is your biggest challenge in growing your business?

Parenting, Suicide & Family Values with Amanda Bracken

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Today’s episode is a special one! I was privileged to sit down with Amanda Bracken, an amazing woman I’ve gotten to know over the last few years.  We talk about her thoughts on parenting, (She has some of the most well behaved kids I’ve ever seen) the loss of her father to suicide along with what her family values are and much more!!!