Daily Hustle Report • February 12, 2019

It was a very long and productive day! I'll tell you, I don't do it often, but waking up at 4-5am allows me to do so much before the roosters start going off!!
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The Daily Boost For February 12, 2019

Today’s quote of the day is by Dennis DeYoung “Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.”

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Wake Up Time:

Been working through the Gary Vaynerchuck 86 Page Content Marketing Strategy.  I’ve been piecing together a strategy that will allow me to create about 25-35 pieces of content per day.  I’ve got everything pieced together and now I’m trying to get the notes all in order in this stack of papers so I can come back to it after the Blitz Challenge and launch a social media training.

Song Of The Day: Hopsin "How You Like Me Now" (ft. SwizZz)

KanBan Task Of The Day: Put Up The B.A.W.B.!!!

I’ve waited long enough! For those of you who know me, you know how crazy I can get trying to have a conversation without a whiteboard.  Now think about when I’m talking to myself!! lol 

I use the whiteboard for more than just doing trainings for you awesome people I brainstorm on it almost daily along with mindmaps and processes .

Put up the

big @** White Board!

Final Checklist For Launch

It's getting closer and closer ... I've been working around the clock for the launch of a new training I'm putting together and spent a few hours finalizing a full list of the last few tasks I have to work on over the next 2 weeks. 

New Brand - Business Plan

For me to show you all the complete process of building your own website I needed to go through the process with you. I've been running through ideas and setting on a business and am set and ready to record tomorrow.

Started On New Book

I'm still pushing to get a book a month published for this year. I published the "Password Logbook" in January and "Naming A Brand" earlier this month. I started the design for the "DTB Blog Planner" today.

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Tomorrows Quote Of The Day: 2-13-19

Be Brave, Take Risks. Nothing Can Substitute Experience.

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