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Welcome to the padded room I call my home online.  This is where I share my thoughts and journey in life and offer a few cool things.

I have a few massive passions in my life. To be exact there are three passions that drive me.

Marketing • Music • Mental Positivity


CJ Hallock is an expert at Website DesignSocial Media, SEO along with other web and mobile technologies to help businesses, organizations, and individuals build relationships with their customers.  Not many people will buy something from an anonymous website and just as many people don’t want to listen to a hard sell. Relationship building is a must for everyone! 

When CJ is not working on his marketing ventures, he is probably writing music.

CJ has been involved in making music within & around the “Hip-Hop” genre for over 20 years.

My Music

"Lions Order"

Over the years, music has influenced my life in several ways.  I’d almost go as far to say hip hop saved my life.

That is why, you will see, I’ll never give up on it. 

Use the player and listen to some of my songs or click the button below to check out the “Lions Order” website.

Marketing Services

Website Design • SEO • Social Media

I proudly offer Website Design, Social Media , Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & more. I also have many FREE trainings & resources for ALL! Stay in the loop & follow my journey across my social media accounts.

It is my mission to completely empower my clients, friends and family to think “outside the box” so that we may continue towards success & excellence. Because that is exactly what we ALL deserve.

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I have been marketing online for over 15 years.  I have helped individuals and businesses across the United states and across the world grow.  

Let me help you market your business online, the right way.  It doesn’t matter what it is …I’m here to help!

Responsive Website Design

Website design is critical in having a successful marketing campaign, regardless if your are an entrepreneur, small business owner, musician, church or a non-profit. You are original and stand out. Why shouldn’t your website?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, when people search for either your business or a term associated with your business or your services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media changes every day.  It’s not just enough to post on them.  Staying up to date with current social media platforms and understanding not only how they’re used but how to use them properly, can change your business.