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I am an entrepreneur at heart.  I proudly offer marketing, social media consulting, SEO & website design services. I also have many FREE trainings & resources for ALL! Stay in the loop & follow my journey across my social media accounts (Links In Header)

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About CJ Hallock

C.J. Hallock is an expert at using social media along with web and mobile technologies to help businesses, organizations, and individuals build relationships with their customers.  Not many people will buy something from an anonymous website and just as many people don’t want to listen to a hard sell. Relationship building is a must for everyone!

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I have been marketing online for over 15 years.  I have helped individuals and businesses across the United states grow.  I’ve also been blessed to help grow businesses in 4 different countries. 

Let me help you grow your business.  It doesn’t matter what it is …I’m here to help!

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What My Clients Are Saying...

Five stars doesn't do justice to the work CJ Hallock did on my website...CJ understood exactly what I wanted, took the time to assess my wants and needs and offered me solutions that worked. Now, I have a website that is a smart, professional, sharp website that I get compliments on... Not only the incredible website, he empowers me to keep it fresh and updated through tutorial videos that are helpful, concise, and easy to follow.
Josh Brandon
Voice Over Artist | Actor
I put this guy ON THE SPOT!
I needed an entire site in a very very short amount of time.
With minimal information given, CJ took what he had been given and completed my site just the way i imagined at breakneck speeds.

I can't wait to see what he does when i give him actual time to be creative next time.
As an I.T. professional...

I HIGHLY recommend C.J. Hallock.
Cody Dingus
Software/App Developer
I asked C.J. to do a makeover of my website.
and he did an incredible job. My website has never looked fancier and the time spent reading articles has been growing exponentially ever since his modifications kicked in. There's no doubt in my mind: I'll work with C.J. on many other projects in the future. My best advice? You should totally do the same, because I bet he'll do stellar work.
Daniel Wallen
Freelance Ghost Writer
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