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Day: August 10, 2009

The Eye of the Storm

There are heavy winds, clouds, and rain heavy stress, tears and pain The sky gets darker by the minute its harsh and we all get

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Don’t Drink the Poison!

Bitterness held in, is Pain in the heart Don’t hold hatred for that will start You to drinking the Poison of Personal Pain Don’t belive

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Find Yourself

As you look into the mirror, Who do you see? A face,a soul, a smile, a frown, Who do you see? Look deep, Look hard,

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The Fight For Success

Look into my eyes and see the drive, I fight to succeed and I’ll fight till I die, But should I fail before death takes

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Broken Clock

What is hidden love? -A broken clock on the wall, love is present but under the circumstances, its there but theres nothing to show people

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