Enter the Internet Marketing Time Machine

Internets = srs.biz. Parody motivator.
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I was sitting down tonight going over what is going to take place with the challenge launching this Thursday September 1, 2011.

I have kind of faded away from the person I was when I first was introduced to Internet Marketing back some 5 years ago.  I remember an old friend of mine calling me telling me I needed to take a look at it and to me at the time it sounded like he was trying to push a network marketing company.  But, he wasn’t, I just didn’t see it.  i followed what he suggested I do and Failed miserably! lol

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Just Rambling

Ok. So its Monday night at 1133 just finished my day working on my launch of “Visionet Media” and it was a mixture of a bunch of different bumps in the roads but finished up with everything complete!! Looking into making some very big changes to everything I’m doing from this site to stay boosted … Read moreJust Rambling

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