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Pinky and the Brain
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Why is Rocko, that one-dimensional wallaby from the ’90s cartoon series, now a friend of mine on Facebook? And Charlie Brown? And Chip ‘n’ Dale?

Other Facebook (Facebook) users — if they haven’t jumped on the bandwagon already — will likely see a similar trend in the next few days. A new campaign is asking users to change their profile picture to a photo of a favorite childhood cartoon to raise awareness of child abuse.

According to a Facebook Page that appears to be promoting the profile pic switch, this is the Campaign to End Violence Against Children – Childhood Cartoon Faces.

“Until Monday (Dec. 6), there should be no human faces on Facebook but an invasion of memories. This is for eliminating violence against children,” the page says. The undisclosed campaign creator asks Facebook users to change their profile pic and share the above statement in their status.

The origins of this campaign remain a mystery, as it doesn’t seem to be affiliated with any official organization. And not that you need to limit child abuse awareness to a certain time of year, but, at least in the U.S., National Child Abuse Prevention Month isn’t until April. Some Facebook commenters have also pointed out the perhaps misdirected effort, posting messages skeptical of any tangible outcomes.

“Yeah…like this is gonna help end violence against children…” one commenter wrote.

Regardless of the campaign’s effectiveness, or what Malcolm Gladwell would probably say about it, the Childhood Cartoon Faces campaign is catching on.

Will you be changing your profile picture? And what do you think about Facebook awareness campaigns? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Article Source… Mashable

Just so you know I chose “Brain” off Pinky and the Brain … I want to take over the world! He’s slowly taking over my #1 spot right next to “Marvin the Martian” either way … Who knows Its All about the Awareness…

Hope you all have a good day!

To your success and Happiness in life

C.J. Hallock

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