5:01 Overtime Mastermind

5:01 Overtime is a entrepreneur mastermind group. 

I’ve been in many different “business” or “Networking” groups over the last 10 years.  I find one of the biggest hiccups is people look at these only for what’s in it for them.

So I’m starting 501 to build a team to support everyone & focus on growing together.


The goal I have for this group is to be a mastermind group to meet once or twice per month and discuss strategy in business and marketing. Group goal setting, accountability checkups and much more.

I want to make sure you understand that this isn’t for growing a “business” as much as it is growing relationships with entrepreneurs. It is also intended to be a place for us to bounce ideas off of eachother.

I want to build a team and circle of support for total success and happiness.

I would also like the members to all be “on their grind”.  I don’t want to make this a training group. That is something totally different.

I am still working out the details & know this sounds a little scatter-brained but if you are interested, put your info in below.