A Walk In The Rain 08-27-09

There is no specific place to start so I’m just going to go from the heart on this one.

So my mind has been running wild for the last 24 hours and let me catch you up.

1st Issue

About three years ago I started working at a place called Progressive Marketing, selling vacations for various resort companies.  While working there I met a woman that forever changed my life.  Her name…I’ll keep a secret just in case if she doesn’t wish for me to disclose it.  We formed a very strong relationship in a short period of time.  We would hang out here and there after work(yes I was in a different relationship at this time but it was far from anything some of you are thinking)  We were True Friends!

Time passed and we lost contact for almost a year then one day I decided to stop by her house just to say hey and we picked up right where we left off.  Months passed and unfortunately I had separated from my “Girlfriend”.  We talked and eventually our relationship grew a lot faster than either one of us wished it to.  But after a few short months unfortunately I let my insecurities get in the way of our relationship and even though it hurt more than almost anything in my life I left and pretended to never look back.  During the months we were together she taught me one of the BIGGEST life lessons I will ever learn in my life.  Live positive and be confident in yourself! I know I can go on for hours about this amazing woman but in an attempt to not bore you I wont.

Long story short we finally talked again and apparently I had burned all bridges with her…Last night I just happened to get all my contacts back on my phone(T-Mobile deleted them all trying to work on my phone) after months of not having most of my contacts I finally had them all back.   On accident I sent a text to her brother just saying whats up.  He later replied and instantly I started wondering about how she was and how much I would love to just sit down and talk to her..

(ok that was the first issue…stick with me the rest wont be as long I promise)

2nd Issue

I’ll make this one shorter.

In November of 03 I joined a Multi-Level Marketing company and it was then that I decided I didn’t ever want to work for anyone else but myself for the length of my life.  After which obviously I did because I had to pay bills, but I kept the dream of working for myself.  I worked hours at the “MLM” and no sign of success…

Sometime around the summer of ’05 I first heard about the “Internet Marketing Community”  I was very interested in this just never knew how to get into it.  Finally about 3 years ago I had a friend of mine quit his job at Wal-Mart and take up “Internet Marketing” for a full time career!

So I started my first attempt at “Internet Marketing”…This makes about 2 years I have attempted making money online and as far as the “Money” is concerned…Nothing to show!

This leaves me with the thought I need to find out what I’m doing wrong!!

Ok so I’ve bored you enough with my issues now about the title-

A Walk In The Rain

I sat after dinner tonight just trying to slow my mind down because I had all this and more spinning around in my head and after sitting on the carport for about 20 minutes I decided to just “Take A Walk”

I put a play-list together of positive motivational music put my headphones in and off I went!

Peaceful and relaxing doesn’t come close to explaining it.

I got a peace of mind for a little bit then of course here came the song I didn’t think about that reminded me of this amazing woman!

Depressed? Not really because her brother when I talked to him said she was doing good Just thinking about the times we had together

What Happened Next Really Got MY Attention!

It started pouring rain and at this point in any movie is where the guy breaks down and starts crying right?  Well I didn’t cry.  Instead at this time the song ended and a new one had came on…

DMX-“The Rain” (ok so its not 100% motivational but the story comes together in a second)

The lyrics:

“Now I know, only I can stop the rain”


Yes its nice to think about the past at times but getting lost in what happened yesterday will stop you from receiving what your suppose to tomorrow!

Sorry for all the rambling but in that I hope the lesson gets delivered!!

As always Be Good and

Stay Boosted

C.J. Hallock

P.S. Live a Golden Life for you because in the end if your not happy what you do does not matter!

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