C.J. Hallock

“Without vision you are lost in a dark abyss. Open your eyes and allow your vision to take you to new heights with new standards. Success is the ONLY option”

CJ Hallock is an expert at using social media along with web and mobile technologies to help businesses, organizations and individuals build relationships with their customers. Not many people will buy something from an anonymous website and just as many people don’t want to listen to a hard sell. Relationship building is a must for any business.

Prior to starting his internet marketing career, CJ proudly served for the U.S. Navy with travels to Africa, Germany, Croatia, Greece and many other locations. While on shore duty in Norfolk, VA CJ met Miguel Curl, who introduced him to the “Personal Development” and “Self-Help” mindset which changed his life forever.

In June of 2009 CJ partnered with Gary Anderson and created a blog dedicated to personal development to help people look at the positive things in life and “Stay Boosted”.  The blog grew to, at one point, being ranked in the top 100,000 websites online. (via Alexa.com) It later developed into his first published book, now available on Amazon.

Years of Marketing