All Work No Play-30 Day Challenge

Ha Ha!! I guess that’s the last laugh for the next thirty days!!

I am going to start a 30 day journey with some serious work (ok so I’m going to the end of July) but regardless I’ll refer to it as the 30dc (sorry Ed Dale…lol)

What am I going to be doing???


1st and foremost I’m going to focus on making sure I get back to doing my daily post on Stay Boosted and on Here as well!!

2nd on the list is a course I started working on in the summer of ’05 its a 21 Day Personal Development Course … I have everything together just have to put it in order and do a bunch of writing!!! So this is one of the things I’m planning to finish and have up for sale by Aug 1st 2010

3rd on the list is a book idea I’ve been working on for a while that covers rules and/or laws of life that everyone should live by and in doing so will make life better!!!

4th and Final online task is a new website I’ve been working on “New Movie Rumors” which is where I post new movie trailers as they come out and plan to be writing up articles as new rumors are posted on movies that people are waiting on like Halo, The Advengers, The New Riddick and for you women the next 3 movies on the Twilight series…(I know there are only 3 books they have agreed to keep the movies coming though)


For those of you who know me understand that I’ve been pushing “The Shopping Genie” web app for a while and with the steady checks that I’m seeing I now know that with more time invested I will grow those checks to where I can be comfortable and financially free!!! I do need some support in this so if you haven’t gotten your free web app you can get it here
Aside from all this I’m also going to be working with a few companies and organizations to set up the genie for a marketing platform and a fund-raising source!(If you are interested please let me know)

Now… I plan on doing a post every day until Aug 1st letting you know what I did each day… Feel free to follow me on my journey in my

“All Work No Play – 30 Day Challenge”

Thank You and I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!!!
As Always Be Good and
Stay Boosted!!

C.J. Hallock

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