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How to Create Custom Facebook Frames

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Ever wonder how to create a custom Facebook frame? Facebook has hooked us up with a new awesome tool! But, more on that later…

Custom Facebook Frames

You’ve seen them and there is a good chance that you have used them. It may have been putting up a Texas flag over your profile picture in support of people suffering from “Hurricane Harvey”, or maybe using a purple ribbon frame on your Facebook story in support of Alzheimer’s Association.

The awesome “Facebook Camera Effects” tool that Facebook launched is awesome! You can use software like Photoshop to design your frame. But if you want it to work as a camera effect you need to realize that it is made for both landscape and portrait mode.  So you will want to make sure it is not a complete overlay or it won’t look right when it gets to anything outside of the “Facebook Profile” which is the only square use for the tool.

If you decide to use Photoshop I’d also recommend keeping a 100% transparent background (.png) for the main use.  You can do frames with your logo, taglines, quotes, and a bunch of other stuff.  Your limitations are your imagination and Facebook guidelines for the “Camera Effects Tool“.

Now, let’s look over the

Facebook Camera Effects Platform Policies

(These are copied from the main policy page for the camera effects and frame platform.)

{**Only edits in 16 policies for custom Facebook frames was for grammar.**}

  1. Complies with our Community Standards, and all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.
  2. Complies with our guidelines in the Facebook Brand Resource and Permissions Center.
  3. Is suitable for consumption by the Facebook general user base (i.e., thirteen and above).
  4. Does not promote illegal products, services or activities, or content that is inappropriate, misleading, deceptive, or unsafe.
  5. Does not promote prescription or recreational drugs, tobacco products and related paraphernalia, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition or explosives.
  6. Does not promote online gambling, online real money games of skill, or online lotteries.
  7. Does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights.
  8. Does not promote adult products or services (ex: nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative).
  9. Is not shocking, sensational, disrespectful, or excessively violent.
  10. Does not contain low-resolution elements, such as illegible text.
  11. Does not discriminate against, harass, provoke, or disparage people.
  12. Does not exploit controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.
  13. Does not include effects that block or cover most of the image.
  14. Does not portray nonexistent functionality, such as a play button.
  15. Does not include any links off Facebook, such as scannable codes or QR codes.
  16. Does not include any commercial or ad-like content, including but not limited to promotions, sweepstakes, banner ads, product placement that includes branding, and sales offers.


Now that we have covered that it is time to create a custom Facebook frame …

How to Make a Custom Facebook Frame 

Before we start making the frame let’s look at the “Creative Specs” & “Recommendations” for the frames & camera effects. (Specs & Recommendations from Facebook Help.)

Creative Spects

  • Use an image editor to create the elements of your frame. Each element must have a transparent background.
  • Upload your elements as separate PNG files.
  • The max file size is 1mb.
  • Art should be 100% original.


  • Keep it simple. Position your art around the edges to frame the photograph.
  • Place text or graphics at the bottom and/or top of the page, rather than in the middle.


How to Create a Custom Facebook Frame in 5 Steps

  1. Research
  2. Create
  3. Design
  4. Submit
  5. Promote Use & Enjoy


Research – When you are starting out you need to do some research.

Do the research, especially if you are putting this frame together for your business. The first thing you need to look at is the frames your friends/followers are using.  If what you design isn’t something people would use, you’re wasting your time.  Look into colors, layouts, interests and things like that. When you move forward you should have an idea as to what you are wanting to create.

Create – This is where you will create the different elements of your frame.

You can do this with Photoshop or whatever other software you wish.  You can create a full piece or many pieces. Keep in mind that you will have the designer/studio for your frame in the next step. So all you will be doing is focusing on creating the elements you want to use in your facebook frame. Don’t forget that each element needs to be a .png file with a 100% transparent background.

Design – Designing your custom Facebook frame with the “Facebook Frame Studio“.

This is the fun part! Actually laying out the design for your frame! Once you are logged into the Facebook Frame Studio you will be able to upload your elements.

Submit – Submitting your Facebook frame for use by users of Facebook Camera.

Submitting your custom Facebook frame is easy as clicking “Submit” once you finish designing your frame inside the “Facebook Frame Studio”.

Promote, Use & Enjoy – Once your frame has been approved you need to promote, use and enjoy!

It’s not easy to grow a brand when you create something for marketing and never use it.  It’s like spending hours building a successful Instagram account & not using the account.  So if you are the face of your business … use the frame for your own personal profile.  Use your custom frame on your Facebook page.

Create a Custom Facebook Frame Video Tutorial

I am working on some things to get a tutorial together in video form.  I plan to have the video up within the next week or so.  Please check back to see the video and any other updates here.


Last Updated: September 17, 2017



10 Things

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Hello, my name is CJ Hallock. We may not have met in person and may be only friends on Facebook or you may follow me on Twitter and not know much about me. Don’t worry, that’s awesome and I don’t love you any less because of that.
But there are some things that you might not know about me. So after some thinking, I thought why not share some stuff … I’m going to get into some fun stuff and some deep and somewhat dark stuff so if you aren’t wanting to go there then please back up and go back to what you were doing because this post may not be for you.
Here are 10 things I want to share with you …
1. I am 35 Years Old… I have been through a lot in my life that has made me who I am today. Some good & some bad but all were needed for me to be me.
2. I Don’t Like Political Parties … I do not and will not ever associate myself with a political party. I do believe that if you think your party can do no wrong … I’m sorry, but you are insane. (This isn’t to Bash Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton or anyone else … FYI so please don’t start political disputes in the comments. Feel free to ask questions tho lol)
3. I Can Rap! lol … OK so I’m not pursuing a career but I enjoy writing and have been making music for most of my life … I wrote my first “song” in 5th grade. AND no I don’t have it … my dad threw it away because I was grounded and should’ve been doing homework instead. But, I have recorded around 200 songs since my first trip to the recording studio. Also if you didn’t know … I once did a hip hop song for a Winterfresh Gum commercial that aired nationwide while I was in Bootcamp … I do have that recording but not sure I’ll ever put that garbage out ha ha But I might release the very first song I ever recorded in a studio … a lot of you who knew me at Sullivan South have already heard it anyway.
4. I Burn Wood … I have been burning wooden plaques for over 15 years. My plaques have been sold & shipped across the US. It started with cheesy ducks and silhouettes. I am self-taught and probably not one to learn from but I can try to help if I can.
5. I’ve Been Around The World … Left from Norfolk VA and through many stops in many countries I came back through LAX… Most of that trip was fun …until it wasn’t. (see #6)
6. I’ve Attempted Suicide … a few times but luckily when I was younger I was great at failing at stuff! Not going into detail here but I want to say if you are depressed, PLEASE CALL SOMEONE! Call me and I’ll be happy to talk to you. Or call the hotline … 1-800-273-8255
7. I Was Molested … as a child I was molested by 3 different men on different occasions. I did not speak out and still have to face 2 of them from time to time. If you are going through anything like that please tell someone! If they don’t believe you because they are closed minded … Call me or message me I’m glad to help if I can … (Don’t ask, I’m done killing people! lol 😛 )
8. I Have a Reason to Hate Homosexuals – Because I was molested by men when I was younger I have a strong argument to hate homosexuals but if you know me you know that I do not.  I’m a Christain and being homosexual is a sin. How could I not hate them after all that? A SIN! Lol Yeah, but all of us are “sinners” and if you think you don’t sin then guess what? …. That could be considered a sin in itself! I have had mixed feelings for homosexuals over the years and I did HATE them when I was younger. But, I do not now because I have learned that ONE person does not stand for ALL people within any group.  That ONE man isn’t a good representation of that group.  That ONE “Black Man” who robbed the gas station and sold drugs doesn’t make all “Black Men” “Thugs”. That ONE “White Man” who robbed the corner store and sold meth to your friend that killed him, doesn’t make all “White Men” bad.  That Cop that crossed that line doesn’t mean every cop ever is a piece of shit! Get it? Talk to the person. Hold a conversation. Get to know that individual and then show love because we should!  😛
9. I am a Published Author – That was a journey I’ve wanted to take since I was in High School …… I’ve written many books over the last 2 years or so and will be releasing a few more over the next few years. The first published book is titled “Stay Boosted” which is a book I wrote based off of a blog I ran every day for almost 3 years from 2009 – 2011 If you would like to read it you can get it on Amazon 🙂 I may be releasing it as an e-book in the near future but still gotta think on it.
10.  I’m Planning Global Domination … Ok, not really but I am planning on long term goals for me that include helping many different people and would like to shake the hand or hug everyone alive … I really want to interact more with people on a deeper emotional level.  So the first thing I’m going to be doing is launching a new podcast called 10Questions w/CJ … I initially wanted to make this my super fast podcast so I could try to get interviews with people I look up to and celebs … but now I have decided to interview a lot of people and from every walk of life ….Young, Old, White, Black, Purple, Moms, Business Owners … I know I can’t interview the planet but I want to try lol … the same 10 questions for everyone … Are you in? I’m going to be looking for people to interview if you would like to do it then shoot me a message to with the subject (Sign Me Up For Global Domination) … or just (I want to be interviewed) if you don’t want to be that “All In” 🙂
This is a lot of bouncing around and I know it is but I felt like sharing some of these things for a long time and finally got the courage up to share this so …
PS. If you are reading this I challenge you to share 10 things people might not know about you … write a blog like I did or just a list on social. If you do please tag me in it I’d love to read it 🙂
How a Small Business Can Create a Big Brand

How a Small Business Can Create a Big Brand

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Most small business owners will scoff at the mere mention of the word branding for their business. At a juncture in their business where every penny is being watched to ensure movement toward eventual profits, branding hasn’t even entered the equation.

The real truth is that all businesses – big or small – have a brand within them. It’s a matter of finding a way to bring it out to make your company stand apart from your competitors.

Many small business owners neglect the branding process because they feel it’s an expense they can’t afford. But branding can help position you as the expert in your niche – and it can catapult your profits upward faster than many other components of your business strategy.

While it’s true that the big businesses shell out big bucks to make a brand for their company, it really isn’t necessary to spend that much money. Branding is what sets you apart from other companies offering the same type products or services as you.

It could come from your logo, awesome customer service, the quality of the product you put on the market, or the buzz you generate in your niche. The next time you watch television, actually pay attention to the commercials.

What are some of the brands you see in the companies that placed those ads on the air? State farm insurance has a commercial jingle that says, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” It’s not only their jingle – but also a brand because it invokes feelings of trust in their target audience.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a brand for your company. Figure out what you want to be known for and develop a tag line or motto for your business.

What makes the store Payless shoes stand out from their competitors? The simple fact that the customer pays less for a pair of shoes than most shoe stores! They created branding right in their business name.

Branding is not something you have to break the bank to get. Figure out what your company or product’s strong points are and build from there. Let your business grow and get your company’s image developed by providing a brand to make you stand out from those you’re competing against.


social media football image

Social Media Football | The Sport of Customer Satisfaction

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So with College Football starting, I thought now would be as good time as ever to cover the comparison between football and marketing on social media. Yeah, I said that!

Defense wins games …

The old saying, defense wins games, is true. But with social media, it gets a little deeper.

Social Media Defense

Let’s say you just opened a restaurant and getting ready for your grand opening. You don’t think social will bring any visitors so you put all your budget in flyers. After taking a few hours going through the mall, grocery stores and window shopping handing out flyers, you build a solid buzz.

The Grand opening is here and you have a slammed dining room.  With a 30 minute wait at the door, you couldn’t be happier. Now the kitchen is running slow and one of your customers happens to be very active on social media.  A single post on Twitter about a burnt steak now has you in Defense.

Reply back and offer to comp the meal. But he still had a burnt steak.

Yes, in football, if you have no defense and your opposition runs the score up, you lose.  But, if you never score you can never win!

Social Media Offense

This is where the social media game is won.

Using the free tools to truly get to know your customers more on a personal level is what gets you … Fanatics. Talking about your business all day will get you fair weather fans. Fair weather fans will occasionally like a post or even share one when you are running one of those mega sales offering 50% off or free dessert on Tuesdays.  Fanatics will support you and shop at your establishment … FOR LIFE!!!

Social Media Fields

Just like football, you need to train a bit different depending on what field you are playing on.  Turf requires different cleats than natural grass.

The different platforms have different things that perform better.

Facebook – While just about everything works on this platform the biggest thing to know (this goes for other platforms as well) WATERMARK ALL IMAGES!!! There are a lot of brands online who are just posting pics and when someone saves it and re-posts it they lose out on who knows how much traffic. The only thing for Facebook that you need to know when marketing is …

Have Fun, and keep all videos posted (that you upload and own rights to) needs to be below 2 minutes … the shorter the better.

Instagram – Yes, it is still technically Facebook but, we have different rules for the kind of posts. While you still need to watermark all of the images you post, the type of pictures that work is a little different.  All pictures will work but images with 30% of the image being in the foreground and the remaining 70% being faded out in the background are the highest converting images (from my research, it may be different for you) Read the Ultimate Instagram Guide here.

Pinterest – This gets complicated because you are not making but 1 pitch on here for every 15-20 pins.  I am not saying don’t pin your blog.  Simply put, if you are pinning an image/video that has a CTA (Call to Action) you need to have 15-20 content pins in between these. People will not follow you or your boards if all you do is post pins that are no more than … “We are running a HUGE SALE!”.  On this platform, 90% of successful images pinned are short and long form infographics.

Twitter – Images do work on this platform but text is #1.  Do not use this platform just to pitch (like other platforms). This platform is used to listen.  Go to and search for your keywords.  See if anyone is asking questions about what you do and answer them.  It’s that simple! Let’s say you are a plumber and the tweet you find is “Putting in a new sink in the bathroom and I can’t stop the leak from the pipe that connects to sink underneath” … What you would do is follow up with a solution for them to fix it.  Ask what they used to connect it and truly try to help them fix the problem.  Don’t say here is a video that might help and shoot them a link to your blog.  Walk them through it and if, after a few messages back and forth, they are having issues understanding then send the post. “Obviously I’m not good at explaining via text enough for you to understand, I did a video on this a few weeks back that might help you, here:” or seriously over deliver and record them a personalized video if you can.

Yes, there are many more platforms you can use but for time consideration I’m going to stop here and just give you a list of some other platforms.

Other platforms you may want to look into depending on your target market…

  • YouTube
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn
  • Anchor (this one is exclusively audio)

Social Media Plays

In football, you can only do 3 things … Run, Pass, or Kick. In social media, there are only 3 things you can share … Text, Images & Video. I know you can use podcasts and other audio but those normally aren’t on social. (I will be doing a podcast post here in the next few weeks.)

Text – There are many different ways to use text on these platforms.  Here are some examples…

  • Status Update / Micro Blogging – This is normally a shorter text post around 100-140 characters.  Thank a customer, share a positive thought/tip, give updates on products/services etc.
  • Blog Post – This is what you are reading.  Long form text.  Some platforms offer blog capabilities other don’t.  On Facebook, it is called “Notes”. Blog Posts are used to go into detail about a thought. Normally at least 300 words and sky is the limit.  While I wouldn’t recommend going over 1,400 words if you feel it is necessary then write away!

Images – Using images for marketing is easy if you understand the different types of images. (REMEMBER – ALWAYS WATERMARK)

  • VSP – (Visual Status Post) this is a simple square image used on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • BPC – (Blog Post Cover) This image is used as the “Cover” for your blog posts.  Normally they look close to the same, sometimes created from a template. You can see an example at the top of this page.  These grab social media users attention to make them want to click and visit your site.
  • Tipgraphic – Normally a small square image used to share a single thought or quote – Similar to what you may know as a “meme”.  A nice background and text sharing a tip 🙂
  • Infographic – This is normally only used on Facebook and Pinterest.  This works as the image’s version of a blog post.  Normally it is a long image with a bunch of information on it.

Video – Like images, you want to watermark your images but more important is the title and description.  Keep it detailed and informative.

  • MicroVideo – This is like twitter for video.  Normally 6-15 seconds long. short fun videos.
  • Video Blog – This is when you get behind a camera and share thoughts within your niche. These can be from 1 minute to 30 minutes.  Just remember that the longer the video the lower the chances of people watching the entire thing.
  • Promo Video – This is normally a 20-45 second video highlighting the services and/or products you offer.  Very similar to TV Commercials but just shared on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

I hope this information was useful to you.

I enjoyed putting this together for you but if you have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram @cjhallock. you can also email me at

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.



Practice Gratitude

7 Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Daily Life

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2 min read

There is plenty of science that shows gratitude and being thankful for the things you have as being linked to less stress and anxiety. Mental and emotional stress can lead to unneeded worry and physical health problems. So all you need to do is learn to recognize the situations in your life that you should be grateful for, and you can be healthier both mentally and physically. Practice gratitude in the following 7 ways and you will find more health and well-being in your life.

1 – Write a Thank You Letter

There is probably someone in your life right now that you need to thank for something. Take time to send them a handwritten letter of thanks. Don’t email them or text them. The time that you take to express your feelings by writing them down means more lasting rewards than using electronic media.

2 – Make a Gratitude Calendar

On your “grateful calendar”, write down 3 to 5 things you are grateful for each day. After writing them read them out loud. Keep this calendar where you can see it constantly.

3 – Say It Out Loud

Each day, say “I’m grateful for you” to important objects, events and people in your life.

4 – Practice “One Person a Day” Gratefulness

Take a different friend, family member, acquaintance, co-worker or service provider each day of the year. Tell them that you are grateful for their presence in your life. This works a couple of ways. It lets people know that you care about them and appreciate them, and it also forces you to expand your circle of influence.

5 – Say “Thank You” to Your Lunch

We take so much for granted. Many people in the world do not know if they are going to eat every day, while most of us have several choices as far as what food we are going to put into our mouth, how much we eat, and when we eat. Whether you have an abundance of food or eat sparingly, express gratitude for the food you put into your body.

6 – Donate, Give Away

You may lament the fact that you don’t have as many clothes, pairs of shoes or possessions as you would like. Find someone who has less than you. Give them something of yours. This can quickly make you realize how much you really have.

7 – Let the Most Important Person in Your Life Know That You Appreciate Them

Go to the nearest mirror. Do you see that person staring back at you? That is the person you should be most appreciative of. You obviously love your friends and family, but you need to express self-love first before you can form the deepest relationships with others. Frequently look yourself in the eyes and express gratitude for who you are and what you have given yourself.


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