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Daily Hustle Report 6.11.2018

daily hustle report 6-11-18

For starters between yesterday and the first half of today, I barely did anything. Our capacitor went out in our HVAC unit. Ok, yes, the flux capacitor is bad! lol So it’s been in the mid to high 80’s in our house and 80’s inside is worse than 90’s outside (IMO). So I started my … Read moreDaily Hustle Report 6.11.2018

Happy Birthday WordPress

wordpress 15 anniversary

So, today is the 15th anniversary of the first WordPress release. I personally want to say Happy Birthday WordPress! I also want to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has ever helped with anything when it comes to getting WordPress up and running or doing training events. (YouTube Tutorials, WordCamp, etc.) It’s Sunday so I … Read moreHappy Birthday WordPress

Ultimate Guide to Instagram (Always Up To Date)

***Last Updated March 19, 2018*** Welcome to My Ultimate Guide to Instagram but before we start, I need to go into a few disclaimers … Disclaimer – I wanted to reverse engineer or “hack” Instagram.  So I spent over 200 hours going “All In” between 7 different accounts and so many videos and blogs in order … Read moreUltimate Guide to Instagram (Always Up To Date)

What Moment Do You Think About Often? | Daily Blog Challenge

I wanted to force myself to spend more time writing to work on my craft so I’ve decided to start a “Daily Blog Challenge”.  So the plan is to ask myself a question or pick a new topic for each day and write a short blog post each evening before I finish the day. The … Read moreWhat Moment Do You Think About Often? | Daily Blog Challenge

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