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Before we get started, let’s cover what we will need.

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Before We Start Checklist

You will need a working email to register your domain and sign up for other accounts. If you are wanting to stay in the loop with updates be sure to sign up above.

If you need an email address you can Sign Up For GMail for FREE!

Without a secure password you risk being vulnerable to hacks and possibly losing your business. 

Create a secure password before you move forward.

Naming a business is a big undertaking, especially if you are not sure of the steps. Most people miss a step here and there … don’t be that person! Create a unique username.

If you are needing help with a logo there are many different options for logo design.

Your website icon or “favicon” is the image that displays in the tabs on your browser.

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Your business tagline or slogan can make or break your business. It can evolve positively over time but only when you do it right.

When it comes to the content for your website you should look at the different pages you need for your website.

Elementor Pro is an amazing tool. This is the page builder we are going to use to design our website.  

Register your license for Elementor Pro Here.

Now that you have your desired domain, the next step is to buy your website hosting. We are going to be using Managed WordPress Hosting from

It’s time for the final step before the webinar. We are going to be installing WordPress via Managed WP on then we’ll install our SSL Certificate & activate the website security. After this step all there is to do is watch the webinar.

Import Pages File

Download the "Import Pages File" to Bulk Create Your Needed Pages.
(File Will Download Instantly)

Your Plugin Bulk Installer Quick Key:

You will need this to bulk install our plugins. You can copy it by highlighting the text in the box below and right click. Then select “Copy”


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