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How to Find Out What Music You Can Use In YouTube Videos

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So I’ve used social media for years and YouTube is no different.  While I had my main account and all videos associated with it deleted in 2009, I run 5 different YouTube channels and collectively from my top 2 accounts I have over 1 million views.  Not trying to brag just want to let you know you can do it too! Seriously, I’m not right upstairs and if I can do it … your 6 year old can crush it!

But, we content creators on YouTube have some big issues.  I need background music for my video or intro music.  It isn’t a hard problem to fix.  Just find some public domain music.  Right?


If you plan on keeping anyone’s attention you need some good sounding music and not something recorded in 1942. That is why I’m writing this blog post.

So, just in case if you didn’t know, YouTube has compiled everything you need to know on if you can use a specific song for your YouTube videos.

Just start off by going to the YouTube Music Policies page. Once you are there you can search songs by name and see what their policies are on that specific song.

It will tell you if it is allowed, where it will be viewable, and if you can monetize your video.

If you are planning on monetizing your videos on YouTube then I’d recommend using something from their audio library if you haven’t had any luck finding a stock audio clip or you may even want to try reaching out to some local musicians and asking for rights to use their music.  Hey, reach out to your favorite artist on Instagram or Twitter.  You may get a yes from him or her directly 🙂 Cool to talk to your favorite musician huh?

Don’t want to take up any more of your time but thought I’d share this.

I hope this helps!

If you have any questions, please comment below or shoot me a DM on Instagram or shoot it over to me on Twitter … Handle is @cjhallock

Talk Soon!

business name generators

Business Name Generators

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Business name generators can save you time and reduce stress when you are starting a new business or brand online. I’ve started over 100 websites as side projects over the last 15 years. Like many others, the biggest thing I’ve had a problem with is coming up with a business name. Whether it is just a blog, a tech startup, an affiliate website or a business site, coming up with a name is always difficult.

I’ve spent countless hours coming up with names before only to find that the domain isn’t available.
One way I’ve found to come up with business names that also will ensure you pick a name that has an available domain …

Business Name Generators!

There are a lot of different name generators out on the web and I’d love to break them all down but while doing research for this post I came across a great breakdown of name generators.

There are many components that go into creating a good website or blog, but one of the most important – and sometimes overlooked – factors is having a good domain name. Something that fits well with your business name and purpose, something that’s memorable and not prone to misspelling, and something that taps into your targeted keywords to enhance your SEO efforts.

You can spend hours brainstorming the right business, website or blog name, but there are some great tools available online to give you a huge range of suitable options in a snap. Business name generators are not a new concept, and there are tons available. Although, not all are high quality. I wanted to put a bunch to the test and give you the skinny on some of the tools I thought yielded the best results and proved simple to use.

To test the many business name generators I stumbled across online, I imagined myself to be in the business of selling rock band tee-shirts, looking to target and incorporate the keyword term ‘band tee’ for SEO, and because it would most clearly explain my hypothetical business in a nutshell.

Here are the five best business name generators I recommend trying out for yourself.

Lean Domain Search

WordPress’ parent company Automattic recently acquired Lean Domain Search, so it was naturally the first tool I tested, and it set the bar extremely high for all of the other tools that followed.
I plugged ‘band tees’ into Lean Domain Search and was presented 4989 available domains.

But the sheer number of suggestions wasn’t the only thing that impressed me.
Using Lean Domain Search, when you select one of the domains suggested, the site double checks the domain is still available but also checks that the related Twitter name is also available. For example, when I clicked ‘BandTeesPro.com’ I was shown that @BandTeesPro was available on Twitter.

I was also directed to register the domain with three popular providers, making the task simple.
Another bonus of using Lean Domain Search is that you can browse the list of suggestions on your webpage, or you can copy the entire list to your clipboard with the click of a button and paste it into a document to come back to later.


Panabee stands out from the plethora of ugly domain name generators online thanks largely to its attractive, quirky interface, but it also delivers on functionality.

Using this tool, you’re presented with a list of .coms and international domains (some of which are already taken, meaning you need to click through to see availability) as well as lists of related terms for each of the words plugged into the system.

You’ll also be presented with a brief list of Google AdWords currently targeting those terms (for example, in my testing Panabee displayed a selection of other businesses promoting band tees) to give you an idea of the kind of competition you’ll be facing online.

You can change domain extensions, to .biz, .org and more, and when you click a domain name suggestion and you’re automatically directed to GoDaddy, offering further related suggestions and purchasing options.


Domainr is slightly different to the other tools I came across, but it has a twist on the domain generator concept that got my attention right away.

It doesn’t offer suggestions for related words and a pile of possible domain name options, but it does offer suggestions for domain extensions that can be used to give you a shorter domain, and a point of difference.

When I plugged bandtees into their search field I was presented with a brief list of 13 options, some available and some unavailable, and some including some clever domain extension use I wouldn’t have ordinarily considered, such as:

  • Bandte.es
  • bandt.ee/s
  • b.an/dtees

Integrating your domain extension into your name isn’t for everyone, but could be a good option to check out if you’re looking for something a little different – particularly if you’re working in the tech and innovation industries.

Name Mesh

Enter your targeted words and hit search and Name Mesh offers a selection of common short domains, similar domain suggestions, SEO-focused suggestions, fun suggestions and mix suggestions to help you find a domain name that’s perfect for your business blog or website.

Domains are marked red or green to indicate their availability, and you can hide unavailable domains and set a maximum character length in the settings. You can also click a domain option to see its social availability on Facebook and Twitter, and turn additional extensions on and off (such as .com, .io, .co, and .net) to give you more or fewer options.

Domains Bot

Domains Bot is simple to use with a clean interface. Simply enter your keywords and hit the Search button, then further refine your list by allowing or disallowing synonyms for each of your keywords, selecting which TLD extensions to include, your price range and more.

You’ll be presented with a list of available and already-registered domains, and information about social availability for each suggestion. Hit the Buy button next to the suggestion you like and be directed to a list of registered providers and prices.

Have a suggestion for a great tool I’ve missed here? Be sure to share it in the comments!

I am still working on more research into finding the best business name generator.  For now, these are on the list!

Talk Soon!
CJ Hallock


PS. Once you find a good domain it is always recommended to do a trademark search just to play it safe. You also should check to see if you can get the social media handles with that same name.  So once you use the business name generators and find a name you might want to move forward with, I’d recommend the next step. Follow along to this post to find the best domain for your business or side project.  I’d ask that you read the full post but you can skip to #6 and check everything from social media availability to domain availability and also check to make sure no one has the name you want to be trademarked.  🙂


If you find a name you want and don’t want to waste time, you can register your domain at HostYak. Or if you are wanting to get website hosting as well, you can use InMotion Hosting.  Feel free to watch this video if you would like a walkthrough on how you can get hosting and a free domain when you do.



Ex-NFL Player & Local Coach Fights For A Better System

Ex-NFL Player & Local Coach Fights For A Better Future

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Back in January, Gerald Sensabaugh (Ex Dallas Cowboy NFL Player) was announced as the new head coach for David Crockett.

Considering that I can see the schools parking lot from my back porch, I can also hear the games.  I know I can tell you that the cheers are a lot more frequent and louder.

On September 22, the discussion about Coach Sensabaugh changed.

He posted on Facebook that a fan had come to the last game and wanted to meet him.  This fan was a student at Jonesborough Elementary.  Since they didn’t get a chance to meet, Sensabaugh took it upon himself to go to the school and surprise the student and his class. But what he saw wasn’t an environment he thought was conducive to learning.

Again, on September 24, Coach shared some concerns about the problems he was seeing within the education system. Prisoners were doing work on school campus while the students were in school.

While some people may say that his job is to “coach” and that is all.  Gerald is publicly sharing his journey and you can see his concern for making these young men into great citizens for our community.

He shared a post discussing the improvement of his players’ grades.  Mentioning that earlier in the season they had 13 players that had either a D or an F on their PowerSchool report. Transitioning to now, only ONE! (See That Post Here)

Coach Sensabaugh has since continued to share multiple posts on his Facebook account with massive concern about the way the Washington County School System was handling different things.

He was covered in a Facebook news story by Mike Lucas of WCYB.

Since this story aired a lot of other issues has been raised by Gerald Sensabaugh.

From money being stolen from a football fundraiser to employees of the school trying to sell him drugs and other items, the issues keep pouring in.

Now, the ex NFL player who is trying to better our community has been told he can’t have practice.

They canceled Monday’s practice (He still was able to build the team chemistry without it) and now has been told they will have practice today but he, the coach, is not allowed to attend.

As a member of the community, I believe we can come together to fix these issues but only if we come together. There is a petition on Change.org to keep Coach Sensabaugh as the head coach at David Crockett.  I ask that you sign that petition here.

Show your support! Share this & any other posts by Coach to tell the Washington County Board of Education that we don’t want our community taken down by politics & that we want people like Gerald Sensabaugh in the mix.  We want people who are willing to fight for not just the boys on the field, but also the kids in the community!

This post is based on my own opinion.  I have not spoken with Coach or any of the Officials at the school.  Nothing in this post should be construed or interpreted.  All posts referenced are linked to.

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How to Create Custom Facebook Frames

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Ever wonder how to create a custom Facebook frame? Facebook has hooked us up with a new awesome tool! But, more on that later…

Custom Facebook Frames

You’ve seen them and there is a good chance that you have used them. It may have been putting up a Texas flag over your profile picture in support of people suffering from “Hurricane Harvey”, or maybe using a purple ribbon frame on your Facebook story in support of Alzheimer’s Association.

The awesome “Facebook Camera Effects” tool that Facebook launched is awesome! You can use software like Photoshop to design your frame. But if you want it to work as a camera effect you need to realize that it is made for both landscape and portrait mode.  So you will want to make sure it is not a complete overlay or it won’t look right when it gets to anything outside of the “Facebook Profile” which is the only square use for the tool.

If you decide to use Photoshop I’d also recommend keeping a 100% transparent background (.png) for the main use.  You can do frames with your logo, taglines, quotes, and a bunch of other stuff.  Your limitations are your imagination and Facebook guidelines for the “Camera Effects Tool“.

Now, let’s look over the

Facebook Camera Effects Platform Policies

(These are copied from the main policy page for the camera effects and frame platform.)

{**Only edits in 16 policies for custom Facebook frames was for grammar.**}

  1. Complies with our Community Standards, and all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.
  2. Complies with our guidelines in the Facebook Brand Resource and Permissions Center.
  3. Is suitable for consumption by the Facebook general user base (i.e., thirteen and above).
  4. Does not promote illegal products, services or activities, or content that is inappropriate, misleading, deceptive, or unsafe.
  5. Does not promote prescription or recreational drugs, tobacco products and related paraphernalia, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition or explosives.
  6. Does not promote online gambling, online real money games of skill, or online lotteries.
  7. Does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights.
  8. Does not promote adult products or services (ex: nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative).
  9. Is not shocking, sensational, disrespectful, or excessively violent.
  10. Does not contain low-resolution elements, such as illegible text.
  11. Does not discriminate against, harass, provoke, or disparage people.
  12. Does not exploit controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.
  13. Does not include effects that block or cover most of the image.
  14. Does not portray nonexistent functionality, such as a play button.
  15. Does not include any links off Facebook, such as scannable codes or QR codes.
  16. Does not include any commercial or ad-like content, including but not limited to promotions, sweepstakes, banner ads, product placement that includes branding, and sales offers.


Now that we have covered that it is time to create a custom Facebook frame …

How to Make a Custom Facebook Frame 

Before we start making the frame let’s look at the “Creative Specs” & “Recommendations” for the frames & camera effects. (Specs & Recommendations from Facebook Help.)

Creative Spects

  • Use an image editor to create the elements of your frame. Each element must have a transparent background.
  • Upload your elements as separate PNG files.
  • The max file size is 1mb.
  • Art should be 100% original.


  • Keep it simple. Position your art around the edges to frame the photograph.
  • Place text or graphics at the bottom and/or top of the page, rather than in the middle.


How to Create a Custom Facebook Frame in 5 Steps

  1. Research
  2. Create
  3. Design
  4. Submit
  5. Promote Use & Enjoy


Research – When you are starting out you need to do some research.

Do the research, especially if you are putting this frame together for your business. The first thing you need to look at is the frames your friends/followers are using.  If what you design isn’t something people would use, you’re wasting your time.  Look into colors, layouts, interests and things like that. When you move forward you should have an idea as to what you are wanting to create.

Create – This is where you will create the different elements of your frame.

You can do this with Photoshop or whatever other software you wish.  You can create a full piece or many pieces. Keep in mind that you will have the designer/studio for your frame in the next step. So all you will be doing is focusing on creating the elements you want to use in your facebook frame. Don’t forget that each element needs to be a .png file with a 100% transparent background.

Design – Designing your custom Facebook frame with the “Facebook Frame Studio“.

This is the fun part! Actually laying out the design for your frame! Once you are logged into the Facebook Frame Studio you will be able to upload your elements.

Submit – Submitting your Facebook frame for use by users of Facebook Camera.

Submitting your custom Facebook frame is easy as clicking “Submit” once you finish designing your frame inside the “Facebook Frame Studio”.

Promote, Use & Enjoy – Once your frame has been approved you need to promote, use and enjoy!

It’s not easy to grow a brand when you create something for marketing and never use it.  It’s like spending hours building a successful Instagram account & not using the account.  So if you are the face of your business … use the frame for your own personal profile.  Use your custom frame on your Facebook page.

Create a Custom Facebook Frame Video Tutorial

I am working on some things to get a tutorial together in video form.  I plan to have the video up within the next week or so.  Please check back to see the video and any other updates here.


Last Updated: September 17, 2017



10 Things

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Hello, my name is CJ Hallock. We may not have met in person and may be only friends on Facebook or you may follow me on Twitter and not know much about me. Don’t worry, that’s awesome and I don’t love you any less because of that.
But there are some things that you might not know about me. So after some thinking, I thought why not share some stuff … I’m going to get into some fun stuff and some deep and somewhat dark stuff so if you aren’t wanting to go there then please back up and go back to what you were doing because this post may not be for you.
Here are 10 things I want to share with you …
1. I am 35 Years Old… I have been through a lot in my life that has made me who I am today. Some good & some bad but all were needed for me to be me.
2. I Don’t Like Political Parties … I do not and will not ever associate myself with a political party. I do believe that if you think your party can do no wrong … I’m sorry, but you are insane. (This isn’t to Bash Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton or anyone else … FYI so please don’t start political disputes in the comments. Feel free to ask questions tho lol)
3. I Can Rap! lol … OK so I’m not pursuing a career but I enjoy writing and have been making music for most of my life … I wrote my first “song” in 5th grade. AND no I don’t have it … my dad threw it away because I was grounded and should’ve been doing homework instead. But, I have recorded around 200 songs since my first trip to the recording studio. Also if you didn’t know … I once did a hip hop song for a Winterfresh Gum commercial that aired nationwide while I was in Bootcamp … I do have that recording but not sure I’ll ever put that garbage out ha ha But I might release the very first song I ever recorded in a studio … a lot of you who knew me at Sullivan South have already heard it anyway.
4. I Burn Wood … I have been burning wooden plaques for over 15 years. My plaques have been sold & shipped across the US. It started with cheesy ducks and silhouettes. I am self-taught and probably not one to learn from but I can try to help if I can.
5. I’ve Been Around The World … Left from Norfolk VA and through many stops in many countries I came back through LAX… Most of that trip was fun …until it wasn’t. (see #6)
6. I’ve Attempted Suicide … a few times but luckily when I was younger I was great at failing at stuff! Not going into detail here but I want to say if you are depressed, PLEASE CALL SOMEONE! Call me and I’ll be happy to talk to you. Or call the hotline … 1-800-273-8255
7. I Was Molested … as a child I was molested by 3 different men on different occasions. I did not speak out and still have to face 2 of them from time to time. If you are going through anything like that please tell someone! If they don’t believe you because they are closed minded … Call me or message me I’m glad to help if I can … (Don’t ask, I’m done killing people! lol 😛 )
8. I Have a Reason to Hate Homosexuals – Because I was molested by men when I was younger I have a strong argument to hate homosexuals but if you know me you know that I do not.  I’m a Christain and being homosexual is a sin. How could I not hate them after all that? A SIN! Lol Yeah, but all of us are “sinners” and if you think you don’t sin then guess what? …. That could be considered a sin in itself! I have had mixed feelings for homosexuals over the years and I did HATE them when I was younger. But, I do not now because I have learned that ONE person does not stand for ALL people within any group.  That ONE man isn’t a good representation of that group.  That ONE “Black Man” who robbed the gas station and sold drugs doesn’t make all “Black Men” “Thugs”. That ONE “White Man” who robbed the corner store and sold meth to your friend that killed him, doesn’t make all “White Men” bad.  That Cop that crossed that line doesn’t mean every cop ever is a piece of shit! Get it? Talk to the person. Hold a conversation. Get to know that individual and then show love because we should!  😛
9. I am a Published Author – That was a journey I’ve wanted to take since I was in High School …… I’ve written many books over the last 2 years or so and will be releasing a few more over the next few years. The first published book is titled “Stay Boosted” which is a book I wrote based off of a blog I ran every day for almost 3 years from 2009 – 2011 If you would like to read it you can get it on Amazon 🙂 I may be releasing it as an e-book in the near future but still gotta think on it.
10.  I’m Planning Global Domination … Ok, not really but I am planning on long term goals for me that include helping many different people and would like to shake the hand or hug everyone alive … I really want to interact more with people on a deeper emotional level.  So the first thing I’m going to be doing is launching a new podcast called 10Questions w/CJ … I initially wanted to make this my super fast podcast so I could try to get interviews with people I look up to and celebs … but now I have decided to interview a lot of people and from every walk of life ….Young, Old, White, Black, Purple, Moms, Business Owners … I know I can’t interview the planet but I want to try lol … the same 10 questions for everyone … Are you in? I’m going to be looking for people to interview if you would like to do it then shoot me a message to cj@cjhallock.com with the subject (Sign Me Up For Global Domination) … or just (I want to be interviewed) if you don’t want to be that “All In” 🙂
This is a lot of bouncing around and I know it is but I felt like sharing some of these things for a long time and finally got the courage up to share this so …
PS. If you are reading this I challenge you to share 10 things people might not know about you … write a blog like I did or just a list on social. If you do please tag me in it I’d love to read it 🙂