Bomba’s Italian Restaurant in Jonesborough, TN

So, tonight I went to try Bomba’s Italian Restaurant in Jonesborough, TN with my wonderful fiance and one of our friends.

Walking up to the building it looks a lot smaller than it actually is.  When you walk in the door it’s like walking through a magical door.  Because, it doesn’t look like it belongs there.  It is a great looking restaurant! Very clean looking dining room with a friendly staff.

Our friend and myself ordered their Lasagna, while my fiance ordered their Chicken Alfredo.

While waiting they brought the bread and oil.  The bread was decent but the oil… Over Seasoned!

Salads came and the semi-bland ranch dressing actually tasted quite good with the romain lettuce.  Wasn’t the best salad I’ve had but for what it was … decent.

Then the meals came.  The Lasagna was placed in front of me looking and smelling absolutely amazing! The Chicken Alfredo, looked ok, but the purpose of the meal is to have noodles and just from looking at it … noodles (plural) means more than 4 noodles.

The first bite of Lasagna was decent but almost all cheese.  My fiance didn’t have the same experience.  The first bite of her Alfredo looked rough based on the look of her face.  I volunteered to split the Lasagna after tasting only 1/2 a bite of the Alfredo.  Honestly, I was disgusted that they didn’t have disposable napkins to dispose of the food in my mouth. It was way over seasoned, lacked noodles and drowning in Alfredo Sauce.  After forcing that bite down and chasing it with the rest of the wine in my glass … I took a few more bites of the Lasagna.

Result of the night : Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich kinda night!

Best way to rank restaurants? I’m guessing, Stars!

Rating it from 1-5 …

Service – 2.5  (would have been higher but when the manager seen the plate of Alfredo almost untouched sitting in front of the empty seat, he asked if anyone else were coming.  We told him it just wasn’t good and his first response… “Who was your waitress? I’ll talk to her, she’ll take care of it.”  … after she came and took it back offering to make us some more to take with us(really?) the other “Manager” came up and said she was sorry and that she would comp the meal.


As a restaurant, if a customer goes without eating and the other two plates are still half full … you may want to do more than just “Not Charge” for the uneaten meal.

The Food – I will give the food a negative 1. I would prefer an MRE with hotsause and that rubber brownie, everyone loves!

Overall… I’d give it a 1 … I would recommend Raccoons enjoy the trash while they can.  I wouldn’t think they’ll be staying open without looking at the recipes and making some major changes.  I’d recommend you go to drink a glass of wine and talk business (it’s a great environment) … but I don’t believe you should eat… If you do you might lose that client/customer.

Just wanted to start blogging more and thought this would be a good place to start


Talk Soon 😉


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