Can You Help Me Help Someone?

So I knew my mind had an idea in it and this is how it got there...
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Ok so this is not going to be a regular blog post. I’m going to be thinking as I type. So hang in there, it’ll make sense by the end!

So I’m sitting here reading a post from a friend on Instagram talking about how their sister’s non-profit organization has taken a hit on their donations over the last few months and I started thinking about it.

Honestly, I don’t have the extra money to give to everyone. I spent about an hour and a half in my notebook earlier trying to strategize and figure out how I can get more business for HostYak.

Yeah, I can help bring awareness to their non-profit but will that one share on Facebook or Twitter help? Ok, it will, but, does it help them bring in any money to help with their mission? There is no guarantee.

It doesn’t matter what the cause is, people are holding on to their money a lot more now than before 2020.

I’m working on relaunching my musician side as “S-Lock” so I’m thinking I can do a facemask and donate the money. But, using the company that I’m using, my profits are so small that it would only be $2 or so donated. Then as PayPal take their money from the transactions it is closer to only $1.50. I just think I’ll have to come back to this idea later. Give me a few months to figure this one out.

Now, because of COVID19, along with other circumstances I have seen and witnessed a growth in people starting businesses. People are starting photography businesses, landscaping companies, online stores selling their widget, it’s growing.

But there are a lot of other costs associated with starting a business that can take a toll on their bank account.

As someone who has been building websites for small businesses for about 15 years, I know most design firms won’t touch a website for anything under $2,000. Even if they do or the business owner finds a freelancer, you’re going to likely pay $750-$1,500 for a fairly basic website.

So I was thinking, I can create a 1-page website template for small businesses then build the websites for them and provide basic training to help them handle adding new content, updates and more on their own. FOR FREE!!!

Ok, not really for free, but since I have a goal to have 500 new hosting customers by the end of 2020, I’ll be making some money from building the sites through the domain & hosting. But, back to helping the non-profits.


So hear me out! I think I know how this is going to work.

Non-Profits Need Help!

So, in order for me to build the website they would have to show proof that they donated to one of the Non-Profits. I’ll reach out to some people I know and post on social to find some good non-profits.

I know a couple but I just took a short break and posted on FB to see if I have any friends to connect me to others.


I think I’m going to do a minimum. That way I know it is helping the non-profits. I also am giving hours of labor to build their website, they are saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars so they can afford a $50 donation. This will be something I think would help the non-profits.

Like I said I want to have 500 new hosting customers.

If I personally built all 500 websites, and partnered with 5 non-profits, then on average, that’s $5,000 for each of the non-profits.

Yeah, I’m stupid! That’s a lot of work but with the template once everything is done with place holders and all that, I think I can do the 1-Page Websites in an hour or so.

It would be too much work to do that…

lol… just looked it up and did the math … That would be around 3-4 websites per day from now until New Years Day. I’m not sure I could get that many people to donate and want a website that often but if I did that would be a lot of work!!!

Ok, I “can” do it. But, will I be miserable by November? lol Knowing how much I’d be helping … I think I could do it.

Should I really try to do this?

I’m doing it!

So if you are reading this and own a non-profit…

…First off if you don’t have a website I’ll hook you up for free you just need a domain and hosting, keep reading and you can help me reach my 500 goal!

…Want to partner so I can help you? Shoot me an email to and I’d love to talk to you!

Need a Website?

Here’s how this works…

You need a domain ($20/year) that is secure and has privacy protection.

You also will need hosting to store your website files, security, privacy for your visitors and all that other tech stuff! (approx. $20/month)

If you want to get an email to go along with it, you can do that for $20/year.

Then, once I find the non-profits to help. They will need a minimum donation for at least $50 (if you have it, give more please. Don’t be a cheapskate.) Once I have proof that you donated and verify donation I send you to a form to get the information needed to build your website with instructions on how to register your domain and get your hosting with HostYak.

Of course this all depends on me finding Non-Profits that are interested in me doing this.

So if you have hung in there and read all of this and know someone who runs a local non-profit then please have them reach out to me Keep in mind I am only one person so I can’t partner with everyone but I am looking for 5 non-profits and will keep you all updated on where I am in the journey.

5 Non-Profit Spots Available