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Going to be making some changes in my life along with changing some of the content I'm working on along with a massive change with my podcast.
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There is not really an easy way to say this but lately, I SUCK!

OK, so I’m not really coming down on myself as much as I’m trying to open my eyes and look into areas of my life that I’ve been lying to myself about.

Of course, I can always be happier but this is more about my work life.

I’ve been working all day today on some client work along with finding that my site had some major issues that I had to fix.  While fixing the issues on my site I started going down a rabbit hole.  I realized that I do not work ON my business as much as I should.

Over the years and especially recently, I’ve found that I’m more focused on “Creating Content” but I am ALWAYS creating content and that leads to not seeing the results of my hard work.  I can go hard on a project for weeks but when I finish I move on and don’t even promote it.

Did you know that I own a company like GoDaddy? Well, I do & have for a few years. It’s called HostYak and I really need to start promoting this more!

Did you know I offer motivational T-Shirts, Hoodies and other swag with Stay Boosted?

Did you know that I have published over 10 different books/workbooks/journals?

One of the big projects I’ve published is “Launch” a complete workbook that will help people go from knowing they need a website, to building & launching their own website with an easy step by step process that is fully covered.

I can probably go on and on but I don’t want to put you to sleep. So I’ll get to the point.

As you see I have a lot of things going on. Not to mention my main income streams: website design, SEO, social media consulting, and all the other marketing services I’ve been providing local businesses for years.

So instead of moving forward with crazy content calendars trying to fix the game with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the rest of that super long list, I’m just going to simplify all of this.

Twitter – This will be my main communication hub online. If you don’t already … follow me there.

Facebook – I’ll post from time to time but probably will just do random live videos and engage in that way.

Instagram – Basic Posts like I’ve done for years along with documenting via stories.  Will be working on an IGTV strategy to use that platform but not sure exactly what I’m going to be doing there yet.

Podcast – I was consistent for a while when I was doing the “Daily Boost” but it has been a few weeks since I’ve published a podcast and big reason is that I’ve wanted to add more value outside of a quick quote take away episode. So I’ve renamed the official name of the podcast to “Behind The Grind” … I will get back to doing the Daily Boost next Monday but I’m also going to do other styles of podcasts from time to time including me on the mic ranting and doing interviews with some AWESOME PEOPLE!!!

So that being said, it’s after 8pm and I need to eat or I won’t make it till next Monday :P

Hope you have an amazing night!

Talk Soon,


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