Daily Hustle Report 6.11.2018

daily hustle report 6-11-18

For starters between yesterday and the first half of today, I barely did anything. Our capacitor went out in our HVAC unit. Ok, yes, the flux capacitor is bad! lol So it’s been in the mid to high 80’s in our house and 80’s inside is worse than 90’s outside (IMO).

So I started my day at 8:30 on the phone with the owner of a local company, Johnson City Heating & Air, LLC trying to see if they could get someone out to my house because I was MISERABLE! I don’t know about you but if it’s that hot and stuffy my brain does not work and that means I sit staring at a computer and nothing happens.

Well, by 10:00 the techs had already shown up, diagnosed & fixed the problem. Yes, within an hour and a half this service company not only showed up way earlier than expected but the technicians were amazing and the fact that I was able to work the rest of the day and that it is 72′ in the house right now … I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!

After that, I spent the day working on a few projects for clients and continued working on my new project.

Can’t go into the client work but I do want to share with you some of the details on the new project.

For those of you who haven’t stayed in the loop, earlier this year I did a soft launch of a website design tutorial at https://freewebdesigntutorial.com

While it was a great thought, I didn’t do it the right way for true beginners. So I went back to the lab and started trying to find a way to make it really easy for anyone to build their own website without any knowledge of coding or anything like that.

I finally decided to work on a workbook/book/webinar/tutorial/resource center … make sense?

I know people learn in different ways and I also understand that most business owners don’t want to spend a lot of money on a website.  So I’ve decided to put together a website design training in almost every format available.

Web-Based Website Design Training • FreeWebDesignTutorial.com

I already mentioned this.  I will not be taking this site down.  Instead, I’m going to be redesigning it on a test server. This will be a complete training/tutorial with videos/images and all that other easy stuff.  100% free training all on one page!

Free Ebook • FreeWebDesignBook.com

I have been working on the sales letter for this site for a while (DISCLAIMER: while the site is live if you go to the domain, the book IS NOT READY!) I’m sorry, but I’m putting in a lot of work to be sure not to miss a step.

Physical WorkBook • WebsiteDesignWorkBook.com

This is the main piece of content I’ve been working on over the last few weeks.  With over 12,000 words already in the books along with workbook features and images, my plan is to make it so clear that you can use just this workbook and within an afternoon you should have a full website built.

This is going to come out as 2 different versions

Launch Workbook – This will be a more in-depth training and walkthrough for building your website with only 1 main shortcut to save you about 30 minutes and bulk install/activate all of your needed plugins.

Launch 2.0 Workbook – This is a shorter workbook but that is because this one comes with a massive shortcut that I’ve put together with over 10 years experience building websites.  For basic websites, if you have your content ready, you can use this to build a professional website in about an hour.

Video Training – WebDesignVideoCourse.com

This is going to be a full video series of training based on the Launch Workbook.  Step for step all on one website bite-size videos that will allow you to go at your own pace.

Webinar • WebDesignWebinar.com

This is going to be one of my favorite projects.  I am going to be putting up a webinar video tutorial of me building a website based on the Launch 2.0 Workbook.  The Plan?? To build a professional website from the ground up on video in 45-50 minutes with 10 minutes to go over everything you need to know.

I know that some of you are going to say that I’m stretching myself thin.  I’m glad we disagree 😛

I am doing this side project to do a few different things.

  1. I have been slowly building HostYak.com behind the scenes for over 2 years. It is my own domain registrar company.  I have partnered with GoDaddy to launch this almost 2 1/2 years ago.  To be clear, it is just like GoDaddy but it is my own company.  These pieces of training are going to help me continue to build my income with HY.
  2. I have been a massive fan and student of affiliate marketing since 2007’ish.  I’ve made money at it and lost money at times.  But after years of hard-learned lessons, I have finally partnered with a solid company that I promote for all hosting needs. Yes, I know, it doesn’t look good for HostYak if I’m promoting a different hosting company.  The name has “Host” in it but if you talk to me I’ll tell you I have almost all of my domains through HostYak and almost all of my domains through InMotion Hosting and while I do get paid if someone signs up using my link that doesn’t change my opinion that they have delivered time and time again for me with some of the best customer service, I’ve ever received from a hosting company.  That being said the commissions with InMotion are getting larger for me and if I can have a full-time income by just showing people how to do this stuff and I can really help those who don’t have the money for $2k-$5k websites FOR FREE? I don’t think anyone would mind if I give you a bunch of free stuff that you want and it leads someone else to give me money. 🙂 Win Win Right?
  3. I’m tired of seeing companies getting scammed. It’s that simple.  I’ve heard of companies taking revenue upwards of 9% along with hosting fees that range from $100/month to $250/month … JUST FOR HOSTING! I’ve seen major agencies charge small businesses $5k for a website that I’m going to teach you how to build in an afternoon.  Oh and probably better than a lot of those big agencies.  I can say that because I’ve seen some of those expensive websites and you couldn’t pay me $5k to make something that bad!

So in closing … it’s been a very productive day and now that I’ll have a cool house and hot coffee in the morning I can’t wait to see what all get’s done tomorrow.  Stay Tuned… It’s going to be a beast of a day!

See you awesome people in the morning!




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