Daily Hustle Report • February 11, 2019

Before we jump into anything I want to say Happy Anniversary to my wife. Well, it's not our anniversary but 6 years ago today I asked if she would be my wife and believe it or not she said yes.
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Wake Up Time:

Slow start to the morning.  But, was productive none the less. I started working on some client projects for the first few hours and was listening to the audio of “The Rise of Audio Branding” and the “4 Hour Vlog” from GaryVee… So after I finished the client work I had a few cards on the KanBan Board based on notes from the video.

Song Of The Day: Merkules "Work"

KanBan Task Of The Day: Audio Tag For All Videos

After watching a few of Gary’s videos and heard him talk about the importance of an audio tag I took a few minutes in the lab and came up with an audio tag that will be on all of my videos.  Watch the Daily Hustle Report below and you’ll hear it! I also created a lower third type of video to go with all of my video content moving forward.

Audio Tag For All Videos

Lunch Break: 12:45 - 1:15

Good lunch! Trying to keep it healthy so I had some turkey sausage, green peppers, broccoli, and 4 eggs.  Topped off with salt, pepper, cheddar & hot sauce.  (This healthy eating thing is still a work in progress)

Intro Card

Been working on the final touches to the templates for OBS so I can get started with recording the tutorial videos in the morning. Had to create an intro card so I can get the audio tag (audio branding) to play at the start of the video.  It is not ideal but it works as a quick fix for now. 

New Blog Layout

Let's be honest, you shouldn't have to see this posted. If you are looking at this post you can tell that I did a new layout for the daily hustle report blog posts. Not to brag, but I think it looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself! Comment below and let me know what you think.

List Of Videos

Now that it is time, I spent about an hour going through and creating a complete list of videos that I'm going to be recording through the rest of the week. I'm going to do one more run through tomorrow but for now? 132 videos to record by next Saturday. Not counting the Daily Hustle Report.

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Tomorrows Quote Of The Day: 2-12-19

Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.

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