Daily Hustle Report • March 2, 2019 (I Failed!)

I have always said "Failure" is not an option. "Success is the only option". But boy was I wrong!
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The Daily Boost For March 2, 2019

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

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Wake Up Time:

Morning Report Time: 10:00am

Spent the morning working on getting my thoughts together on a few different projects and getting back on track with the Blitz Challenge.  Not going to reset the launch day until it is finished but I am leaving what I have live right now on the Blitz Challenge page.

Song Of The Day: Logic feat. Marshmellow "Everyday"

KanBan Task Of The Day: Get Back On Track!

I’ve had lists of businesses that I’ve wanted to start over the years and planned on doing all of them at once.  I know it is not recommended but today I sat down and wrote out a new strategy that will allow me to do a lot more and focus on the happiness and well-being of not only myself but my family as well.

So today I’m going to start a complete “Reset”. I’m in desperate need of “me time”. Needless to say I’m going to unplug from work for the rest of the weekend and get my mind relaxed so that I can start Monday morning going full throttle.

Get Back On track

Thought Of The Day: I Failed

Today is March 2, 2019 and yesterday was supposed to be “Launch Day” for the DigiToolBag “Blitz Challenge”.

I have been pushing for this for months! I’ve done videos, posts on social media, YouTube videos, blog posts and so much more just talking about how amazing this thing I’m doing will be when it launches on March 1st!

Two weeks ago I was on track! I had written over 90 blog posts, recorded about 80 videos, and created almost 20 photoshop, word document, and other templates.

I was hype! It was getting closer and closer and since I first had this concept in 2012, this was the closest I’ve ever been to launching it.

Then that asshole “Murphy” showed up!

The next Monday, I was prepped for a productive day and about 9:30 or so I lost my internet. A full day of recording tutorial videos was the only thing planned. I lost my mind! After I had calmed down I spent the next 6 hours or so creating “featured images” & “thumbnails” for each of the trainings.

Internet came back on around 4:30 and I was back in business. Then, it happened.

I had (sort of) lost almost everything I had done the previous two weeks. It was an issue with my pc, mac, dropbox & a few other things. I spent the next two days working on getting all that content back.

I finally got all my stuff back and thought it was time to get back to recording tutorials. But, Saturday had other plans for me. Amber and I walked down the stairs in the morning and found our basement had flooded.

So I had spent the next 2 days trying to salvage what I could and get all of the water out of the basement.

I kept finding life getting in the way of me finishing this project. It didn’t matter what I did everything got in the way.

Emergency projects for clients, phone calls that took my attention away, my dog barking every time I started recording, it was everything.

I got super stressed and was sleeping about 4-6 hours here and there waking up at 1:30am-4:00am all week this week. I felt worse each day.

Wednesday I realized I wasn’t going to make it. I also realized that the training was too in depth for a beginner. I had created the training to explain EVERYTHING and tried to make sure I had a tutorial for EVERYTHING.

So I decided to simplify the training from over 90 different pieces of training to 8 lessons with hours less of video for the participants to watch.

I still had about 3 hours of videos to record for the Blitz Challenge’s old process. But, with the new process and flow of the training cut my entire video time down to about 1.5-3 hours total.

I was semi-back on track. But so far away!

I continued to work almost every minute I was awake.

While I have worked over 75 hours this week, I still fell short.

I do feel horrible because I’ve told everyone that it would be live yesterday. But, I found one important note.

I didn’t need to set a launch date.

I can continue to put the training together and release it without the launch and when I am 100% finished with the product then AND ONLY THEN will I move forward with a “Product Launch System”.

You hear people say things like “Fail Forward” and “Learn from your mistakes”. I agree but I also think you need to study your failures!

Because of this failure it has forced me to realize that people WILL fail. There is nothing you can do to change that! Failures will happen to everyone but the challenge is to decide to study your failures and learn how to minimize the chances of failing again.

So now I’m looking at a white board with the layout of the videos that I need to create/edit/publish in order to wrap on the core training for the Blitz Challenge.

No Rush!

I realized this morning that I’ve been rushing my processes. Every last one of them! My music, my content, my services, my sales, my products, my books, and the list goes on and on.

Remember there is a difference from being fast and rushing!

If you are like me … Slow down and notice your life! Improve your processes for productivity and efficiency. Then, AND ONLY THEN, EXECUTE!

C.J. Hallock

Hustlemaster, H.U.s.h.

Today I Am Grateful For... Life!

You woke up today, enjoy it!

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