The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that I have this page included on my website. Aside from that, I’d recommend that you give this a read. It will help you further understand how I am monetizing (making money) by giving away free content. It may also help you make better decisions both while on this website and also when you are browsing any other sites.

White Label Affiliate Marketing is the main focus of my monetization strategy. What I mean by that is I have purchased a reseller plan with GoDaddy in order to launch my own hosting/domain type of company. That is something I’ve been slowly growing for over 3 years. The company/website is Everything that you purchase/register there will generate a commission for me. Some things pay more than others but for an example, if you register a .com domain I make about $1.50 per year off of that. So as you can see this is more of a massively long game for me.

Affiliate Marketing is the second step inside of my monetization plan. Basically put, affiliate marketing is the internet’s version of a salesperson. As I walk people through building a website with our webinar training, I suggest using the Elementor Pro plugin. I do this because I love the plugin. I shared the plugin for about a year before I realized that they had an affiliate program. So when I saw they had one, I signed up that second! Basically put, this means if you buy Elementor Pro through my link/recommendation I will receive a commission. I also am an affiliate marketer for many other different programs/companies. Assume that most outbound links on this site are, in fact, affiliate links. So if you click through a link and buy something, I will earn a commission.

NOTE FROM ME TO YOU: If you do use my links I can’t track them with analytics enough to know who does so I’m using this time to say … THANK YOU!!

How this affects you?

It doesn’t affect you at all but it does help support me. In being 100% transparent you should know that most links on most websites are affiliate links. This means not just mine but most of the internet is covered in affiliate programs.

The reason I said that is because you should know, while I do my best to ensure nothing I have monetary ties to is getting a recommendation unless I actually would recommend it to my mother or grandparents. I do mean that! There are many high ticket affiliate programs on the internet that would make me A LOT MORE MONEY than some of what I’m sharing within this site or anywhere for that matter. I take my word seriously and do not recommend anything that I don’t use.

Wrapped Up: I do this to pay my bills just like you go to work to pay yours. I promote some products on this website that I do get paid from. The “Parent” brand for this site is “”. The income from HostYak is based on a reseller partnership with GoDaddy. This means that the hosting, domains, SSls and just about any purchase you make can and possibly will result in me getting a commission.