Everyone Was Right!

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I’m not going to lie… I’ve dedicated the last 8 years of my life to being a successful business person. Believe it or not I’m going to say it!

Everyone Was Right!

You Cannot make millions of dollars overnight but in the same sentence I have to say Everyone was wrong about me!

I never was looking to make $1,000,000 over night but I have worked on becoming a part of the New Rat Pack… and that being R.A.T. Retired At Thirty….

Do I think I’m better than everyone else because I don’t believe in working a 9-5 for 40 years…NO!!! I’ve heard a lot of people saying I’m conceited and cocky because I don’t see things the way others do and some people say I know nothing about business because I don’t make 6 figures a year…. yet.

I’ve never once said I was Donald Trump or Anthony Robbins or anything else like that I am simply … C.J. Hallock a motivated up and coming business mogul… I’ve studied personal development and business models of every type from Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Internet Marketing over the last 8 years.

I know I’m not going to be a millionaire when I wake up tomorrow morning …. Thats a fact and in that case Everyone Was Right!

But, I will be a millionaire before I reach 35 …. Thats a fact and in that case Everyone Was Wrong!!!

Just had to put this out!

Have a Great Day as I’m sure your going to!!

As Always Be Great and Stay Boosted

C.J. Hallock

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