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what was your first business

I wanted to force myself to spend more time writing to work on my craft so I’ve decided to start a “Daily Blog Challenge”.  So the plan is to ask myself a question or pick a new topic for each day and write a short blog post each evening before I finish the day.

The topic for today is:

What Was Your First Business?

The first thing I remember is when I was in 1st or 2nd grade.  I remember I use to go up the street and try to sell people on them paying me to wash the windows on their cars. I can’t say it was a business or that I made a lot of money at $0.50 to $1 per car but it was something.

The next thing I remember doing a lot was when I was in 5th grade, there was a group at my school that use to make buttons with random stuff on it.  I remember going in as early as I could on Tuesdays (I think) to buy up all the Pheonix Suns, Jordan & Shaq buttons with the little bit of allowance I had saved up.

I would get all of those at $1 each then I would turn around and raise the price to $2-$5 depending on what it was and sell it.  I saved up money and bought a business opportunities book at the Bashes (grocery store) where I use to plot how I was going to buy a button maker and get filthy rich! lol

Not a glamorous story but it’s still fun none the less.

My first “Business” as an adult though, was a network marketing company called Excell that I was in for a few weeks before I thought it was a scam and eventually joined ACN.  I saw some decent returns but nothing comes close to the relationships I developed while active within ACN. Some of which I still talk to on a regular basis.

There are a bunch of other things I did when I was young to make money but the windows and buttons are the two things I remember the most.  Especially the buttons! I’d bet that somewhere at my mom’s house is a box full of buttons somewhere in the building out back! lol

Just a quick share for you all tonight & now I’m off to plan out my day tomorrow and get some rest.

Talk Soon!

CJ Hallock

PS. I hate the time change! lol 😛

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