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There’s no other way to say this… So…I’m Sorry!

I’m going to go through some stuff that might be a waist for you so if you want I’m not holding you hostage you can leave at any time!..lol

I started my facebook account to use it for the true meaning… to stay in touch with family and friends, and to meet some new friends along the way.  I’m going to be honest I have met a bunch of really good people and got back in touch with so many others I thought I’d never talk to again in my life.

Then I let others convince me to ruin my name! lol (Yeah I know its my fault but Can’t I blame someone else for a second?)

Back in January you probably seen posts that looked like this

“Save Money Using this New Microsoft based Free Web App…www.app4shopping.com

and I’m sure there were days you could have seen 4-5 different posts about the My Shopping Genie Software.

It wasn’t that big of a deal for me because all I was doing was typing stuff and didn’t think about it other than an income from the internet.  I fell into the hole of letting what other people say bother me and I decided to do things I swore I would never do and Spam everything I could in order to try and make a little bit of money.  So for all of you out there who have been around and seen all this nonsense… I’m Sorry

What made me see that I was Wrong?

I went to the “find friends” thing on facebook and almost everyone on there was people I had on my friends list when I first started on facebook and the only conclusion I could come up with is I got away from being me and they deleted me… and what hurt the most was seeing my own Grandmother deleted me on facebook because I wasn’t giving knowledge I was giving Garbage!!

So I vow from this day on to put knowledge up (I might share a link every once and a while that may or may not make me money) either way I vow to not (SPAM) or blast out links or invites to pages on facebook…

You will still get links to Stay Boosted and CJHallock.com so if you don’t like that … get over it…lol

Forgive Me???

Now that we have that taken care of I wanted peoples input… I was thinking about doing my random thoughts videos on a schedule… Something like every Sunday Let me know what you think…

Also one last thing I’m thinking about doing the morning boost again via text but want to make sure its not going to grow too big where I can’t afford to keep doing it cause it does get expensive… if your interested in having the “daily boost” sent to your cell phone… send me an email at [email protected] with the subject line {Daily Boost} and I may start small with it and go from there…

Other than that I hope everyone is enjoying there Wednesday and If I don’t talk to you tomorrow or Friday … Happy New Years and of course Go Big Red!

To your success and happiness in life

C.J. Hallock

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