Its Time for a Fight

For the first time in years I’m ready and going to fight … Tonight!!! The last time I was in a fight was around February of 2004 with a friend of mine who has since passed away at a bar in Virginia Beach,VA.  But tonight is different!

Tonight, my opponents know ALL of my weaknesses.  Yes, I said opponents… Plural! I’ll be fighting 3 individuals…..



and I

After what seemed to be a great day at work and a productive afternoon I had what could be considered a semi long drive home (I took backroads to think) and in that time I realized that Its Time for a Fight!!

I’ve been through a lot over the last 28 (almost 29) years and most of it people don’t know about and after that long drive home and deep thought process I realized that I am my own worst enemy and I have hindered myself so much that its time for a change! I cannot continue down the road I’m on! I am too good to be average! There are too many things that I need to accomplish before I die and currently I’m not on the path to create them!

So What did I decide to do?


I am battling against myself, the strongest opponent I could ever face in a mental fight that is long overdue!!!

I am not depressed by any means, so for those of you who think this might be a bad day, its far from it! I’m loving my life(honestly come on, I’m alive and there is nothing that can hold me back but myself) So I must beat myself down and prove that I am once and for all GREAT!

I have allowed my past mistakes and relationships to hinder and create a person whom I am not happy with.

So its time for change…a change that will affect every aspect of my life and a change that will benefit me GREATLY!

In closing I just want to wish ALL of you a great night and/or day depending on when your reading this…

As Always Be Great and Stay Boosted

To Your Success and Happiness,

C.J. Hallock

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