Let's Make A Website

If you are seeing this page, we should have already talked about your website design & marketing needs. If we haven’t, please contact me so we can.

Moving forward, you will find what you need on this page to get moving forward. The action steps will include a picture step-by-step based tutorial to help you if needed.

1. Your Username/Domain

As we talked about, this isn’t necessarily your “Business Name”. Just like “Pepsi” isn’t the actual business name for “Pepsi”. It’s Pepsi Bottling Group or PepsiCo Inc.

If you don’t have a “username/domain” in mind yet you can learn how I search with a free blog post I wrote for you. 

Click Here –>How To Name a Business 

If you have a “username/domain” in mind, or I helped you find one you can move forward to step 2.

2. Registering Your Domain/Hosting/Email

This is the process that gets you your name online. The first thing you need to do is go to HostYak.com and add the needed items into your cart. Once you finish, simply create an account and checkout.

Domain (.com) With Privacy & Protection – Start by going to HostYak.com and typing in your desired domain in the search field in the center of the page. Once you do a search on the home page of HostYak you will see if your name is “Available” if so, click on “Add to Cart” & then click on “Continue To Cart”. 

The next step is for your privacy registration and domain protection. By default, the “Full Domain Privacy & Protection” plan should be selected. If not, select it & click on “Continue to Cart”

After you click “Continue to Cart” it will take you to the shopping cart or your “Basket”. By default it will set your domain to register for 2 years. If you want to register for a different time period you can change that now with the dropdown.

register domain name checkout step

The next step is to add your website hosting to your cart. So you need to go into the header and inside of the “Hosting” drop down menu, click on “WordPress”.

What Website Hosting Package To Use?

This will take you to the “Managed WordPress Hosting Page” which is where you will select the hosting package that fits your needs. 

The best “Bang For Your Buck” and the “Recommended Hosting Package” is the WordPress Ultimate Hosting Package. This is only about $20 per month and includes unlimited storage & visitors, malware scans & removal, AND a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE! (It’s worth the money!)

All you need to do is click on “Add to Cart” inside of the WordPress Ultimate box. This will take you to the “Term Length” page where you can select how long you want to pay in advance. If you pay month to month it will be $19.99 per month. If you pay in advance you save $0.45 per month. (Not a big savings but every penny counts.) So on this page you just need to select either 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. Then click on “Continue”.

It will take you back to the “Basket” or “Shopping Cart”. 

If you are not planning on getting custom emails then you can move forward with creating your account and checking out!

Next step: is getting your email so you can have “you@yourbrandsname.com”

At this point you need to click on “Email” to activate the drop down box.

Then click on “Workspace Email” to select your email package.

There are basically 2 main packages. The first package is “Personal” which comes with one email address. You can use that as a “catch-all” account so you can have “sales@yourbrandsname.com” and “you@yourbrandsname.com” and they go to the same address. 

If you have different people who need their own email addresses then you should get “Business” package. This comes with 5 emails. If that is not enough you can always get started with the 5 accounts then call into the “HostYak Support Team” at (480) 624-2500 with your account # and have them help you through the process. BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR THEM TO HELP. So be sure to create an account before you call in.

Once you click on “Add to Cart” for your desired package, it will take you to the next step which is to select the term length you want to register the email for & click on continue.

email term length

Now you have everything you need in your cart. All that is left to do is click on “Check Out” and follow the on screen prompts to create your account and pay for everything.

checkout with your domain hosting and email packages

While you are creating your account, remember that this gives people access to your website & email. So be sure that you have a secure password. If you need help coming up with a strong password check out this blog post I wrote on it. Click Here.

After you get everything set up I need you to call me & we will discuss how to get me your password & other login information securely so that I can get started building your website. 

3. Your Content Questionnaire

4. Go Back To Work!

We know you have better things to do! So go do them! Once I have your HostYak info & your questionnaire, I won’t need much more of your time unless I come across a question or it’s time for you to review the first draft of your project. 

So relax, let me handle this part, so you can get back to what you do!