My First Video On YouTube | 25k Views

My First Video On YouTube

I’ve been online for years on many different platforms and here on

The following video is my very first video I ever posted on Youtube years ago.  Now, it has no marketing ploy but I did it. That is the thing I want to get across.  It is not that you have to jump all in, I just want you to start. AND … You’d be surprised what you may get from just doing!!!


So far I’ve probably uploaded hundreds of videos online and I love this one the most.  The main reason for that is because it was my first video I ever uploaded to YouTube and it is at 25k views.

I know this is a short post but I felt like I needed to get through to you the importance of just getting started.  Unfortunately, you can’t always have good feedback as you can see from some of the names I’ve been called in the comments … lol

Sorry for such a short post today but it is Garage Sale Day!!!

Now, I’m off to sell some shtuff!! 😛

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