Rant number 2

Ok here I am 9pm on SUNDAY on the phone with people from HostGator still because I’m too hard headed to let them do it… I want to know how to do these things!!! lol … Yes I’m hard headed and I will not sleep until this is done!

Ok, So I’m going to use this blog as a true blog from now on and just go off from here to there

Ok… so they finally talked me into paying … if I have to deal with someone else telling me something completely different I’m going to drive to TX and go POSTAL!!! lol …. (Just Kidding… don’t call the law)

Honestly, I wonder if the agents get a kick back for confusing people … I bet they do!

Currently the person I’m talking to sounds like Vadar … at least he’s breathing like him…

Hateful Service Reps!!!!(ok the last one I talked to *Dustin was really helpful but everyone else today was rude and sarcastic) Must find a number to the CEO!

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