Let the Snakes Live!

“I learned that people will steal your light… Live off your energy. If you take it away they have nothing. In the last 2 or 3 yrs, I watched a few folks expose themselves. I cut the grass and the snakes were in plain view. But instead of killin them, I let them live. Cause I know eventually, they will try to come back to the very same light that inspired them and they abused. But by that time, the gate is closed.”-Jimi Clever

Let the Snakes Live!

The quote above what a comment made by “Jimi Clever” after making this post…

“People never believe me when I tell them I have very few enemies….. WHY?? Simply because ONCE I FIGURE OUT you mean me NO GOOD… I stay away from you. It’s just that simple. If your against me, You don’t exist to me. Your not worth my energy… Why make things hard?? I make things REAL EASY… but the key word here is REAL….”

Well considering how many things my eyes have been opened up to in the past month I have to say I agree 100%!!!

I’ve seen family show true colors in how they think about me and friends turn their back to me so instead of “killing” them I’ll just close the gate and forget!

That being said don’t forget everything accept the things that happened because they happened but you can forget that you closed the gate so when they come back you don’t realize it because your inside the house cooking eggs and toast! lol

Ignore the negative!!!

Let the “Snakes” do what they want to do and say what they want to say because there is nothing that they can do or say that will control you or hurt you unless you leave that gate open and let them!!!!!!

To Your Success…
C.J. Hallock

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