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Why Social Media Matters To Your Brand


Before you will ever have a successful social media or digital marketing campaign, you must first have a successful strategy. Let me help you create a social media strategy. When done right, this will not only grow your "followers" but it will also increase your revenue. Which is what we're in business for! So increase your chances for profit and let me help you.


When it comes to the creative content part of the social media process, you might find yourself confused. I have studied case studies and implemented many different types of creatives over the last 10+ years throughout almost 50 different social media platforms. Creatives have been created by myself and others on my team, including images, videos, blog posts, podcasts and much more!


The execution of social media strategies for local businesses both here in the Johnson City area and around the world can be difficult. The main problem that we all face is understanding the "how to". That is where I come in. I create strategies in bite size chunks so that the newest of beginners can execute their social media and digital marketing strategies.

Social Media Posts

The main thing to know about social media is the first word … social.  If you are not social on social media you will not find the results you want.  You can see by looking at successful social media accounts that you have to be active and engage others while building your following.

Online Followers

I have been using social media since 2005.  There have been almost 50 different social media platforms that I’ve focused on in my time online.  I’m not sharing my follower count to impress you. I’m sharing it to impress upon you the power of social media.  A single post on a social media site can have a reach of thousands.

Video Views

Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.  I am not trying to scare you with this.  I just want you to understand the power of video marketing within the different social media sites.  It doesn’t matter if it is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of the many other video accounts.

I'm local and proud to help you with

Social Media in Johnson City, TN.

I currently live in Jonesborough, TN. But only a short drive to Johnson City, Kingsport & Bristol. From free social media classes to one on one consulting, I'm here with my team to help you succeed online & dominate social media.

Let the internet connect us

Coast to coast digital consulting.

With awesome tools like skype, technology has made it so that you don't have to be in the same town to work with people. This has allowed me to work and communicate with individuals from across the globe. From Australia to Canada and throughout the USA, social media is the gateway to success.

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Take this time to invest in yourself and get started on social media.

"The best investment you can make is in yourself" ~ Warren Buffet

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What They’re Saying

“CJ is a subject matter expert and knows his craft. If there is anything that he doesn't know, he will not only learn it...he will master it. I hold CJ in the highest regard and he has my strongest recommendation.”

Miguel A. Curl Sr.

“CJ Hallock never ceases to amaze me with the wealth of useful information he has stored "up there." During our first encounter, he recommended a great book, which I read and gained a lot of knowledge ... Several times after that he has shared valuable tools, resources, and tips that I have been able to put to use immediately. He has even recommended products that I can buy to achieve greater efficiency in my work. All of this unselfish sharing has resulted in a mutually satisfying business partnership. We also share a common passion to help small businesses start, grow, and be wildly successful. Thanks, CJ for all that you do!”

Aundrea Wilcox, MBADirector at KOSBE | Economic Developer | Author | Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

“Cj is an up and coming star in the social media world and I wouldn't be surprised if you saw him sharing the stage with some of social media's greatest minds!”

Judah SwagertyFounder of Next Level Connect