Straight Outta (Insert Phrase Here) – Marketing Trend 2015

straight outta somewhereIn case if you are wondering why you are seeing the “Straight Outta Compton” logo all over facebook, let me catch you up.

What is happening could very well be one of the best marketing ploys of the year. Creating your own “Straight Outta Somewhere” image can be done by simply going to

Viral Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to creating a viral marketing campaign for your business, you might as well throw spaghetti noodles against the wall and hope it sticks. I would like to say about 99.8% of all attempted viral marketing concepts never work. (Just a number I pulled out of thin air, I am not a fact checker just go based on what I see and this is what I’d assume the % to be :P)


This move by … Apple, Yes, I said Apple! Is Amazing!!!

This free webapp has created a way to make their fans market their “brand” for them.  Notice under the “Straight Outta Somewhere” the small “Beats” logo? It’s a simple idea but it has flooded the interwebs!

My image is of an actual FYE Music Store that I found in the Bristol Mall.  I didn’t know they still existed so I needed photo proof! It’s kinda like seeing BigFoot!

What image did you make?

Straight Outta … (Comment Your Answer Below)

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