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Ok… For those of you who don’t know I’m promoting a Shopping App and I NEED your help!!

Lets start with what the Shopping App is and what it does…

Best way to word it, once you get the app you simply search for ANY item on any major search engine(google, yahoo, bing, etc.)

For example lets look at a big product. Since Apple launched the Ipad it has been huge and so many people have been running blogs and setting their update status on facebook and everything else all around the Ipad.  So you type ipad in the search bar, then search.  When the results come back the shopping app will appear on the side of the page with preview windows such as “Walmart” and “Amazon” so you can search easier!

The Big thing about the Shopping App is the Compare Button.  With ONE easy click the Shopping App does ALL the work for you!  The Windows open up with the savings I recently did a test just to see how easy it was and in under 2 minutes I found the Playstation 3 250mb gaming system(a $350.00 product) for only $270.00…

Save on Products Like

  • Car Parts
  • Clothes
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Radios
  • Ipods/Mp3 players
  • Computers
  • Purses
  • Dishes
  • The list can and will go on and on!

I am needing everyone to go to the App4Shopping website and get your free app today! Please!

I need to give away as many of these things as possible.  My goal is to give away 800 of these FREE Shopping Apps by November 1st 2010 .. Please Help me in this journey by getting your own FREE App and telling your friends and family!

Did I mention that most of the Black Friday Deals last year were as cheap if not cheaper every day on sites like Amazon.  So think about it… Get your Christmas Shopping Done Early!

Please help me with this, I will be forever greatful!!!

Your Friend

C.J. Hallock

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