Team Jack – An Introduction to the Heart of Nebraska

OK, So yesterday was the “Red and White Game” (Nebraska’s Spring Game) for 2013.  So happy I got to watch it for many reasons but one really stands out!

Jack Hoffman

Jack is a kid but has inspired many more than most at his age.  The fight he has put into surviving is so strong, I personally am envious of his strength. So you can get a little background about the story here is an insert from the “Team Jack Foundation


“Jack Hoffman, the inspiration behind the Team Jack Foundation, had two brain tumor surgeries before having the balance of his tumor declared inoperable.  He is currently still undergoing 60 weeks of chemotherapy and is scheduled to be done by July 1, 2013.  The chemotherapy that Jack takes is a highly toxic medicine which can destroy a person’s kidneys and wreak havoc on other organs.  What is worse, is the fact that Jack is receiving the exact chemotherapy treatment that doctors were giving kids in 1985 for Jack’s type of brain cancer, according to a Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure. ”

Sunny outside I sat at Buffalo Wild Wings and noticed a jersey with the number “22” on the field … It was Jack, lined to the left of Taylor Martinez!


If that doesn’t show you the heart of the Nebraska Football program and their players … you may want to take the time and watch this…


Don’t fall short of being the support that we know Jack needs … Buy Team Jack Apparel Here to support the fight!!

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