The Fight For Success

Look into my eyes and see the drive,
I fight to succeed and I’ll fight till I die,
But should I fail before death takes me home,
Let the world know I went down swinging hard as a corner stone,
Should my drive not drive me to success,
That only means it drove me to be at my best
And if my best is not good enough to be
4 U!! I don’t care! It was for me!
Everyone is born with the tools to be great
I just chose to…Because my drive will show my fate
who is to judge success and true wealth
and why judge as long as you please yourself
Comprehension of success is confusion in the eyes of the masses
are you only successful in a Benz with a pocket protector and glasses
Only you know what success is to you
So tell yourself the actions to take keep your ead up and stay true

wrote 7-15-05

Stay Boosted!
CJ Hallock

C.J. Hallock

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