Tiffany Dow – The Marketer with a Heart


The Marketer with a Heart

OK… I just want to do a blog post to tell you about my favorite teacher of all time!

Tiffany Dow

About two years ago (maybe longer) I was introduced “online” to Tiffany Dow via Twitter.  I had a good friend tell me her story about a mom who quit her job to take care of her sick son and learned the art of internet marketing by ghostwriting for the “guru’s”.

I was just learning about twitter and everything else online and Tiff was my teacher.  If I had a question I knew I could ask her and not worry about her sugar-coating anything. She told me the truth even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

After a few months of following her and building a relationship with her she announced that she was going to do a UStream broadcast to teach the basics of “Internet Marketing for newbies”.  I had to be there! At this time I’ve watched a bunch of different “internet marketing webinars” and wasn’t looking for an (easy button) but more just wanted to hear what she had to say because I valued her knowledge that much.

About 3/4 of the way through the webinar Tiffany hit a subject that was near and dear to her heart.  There was no faking it… She teared up and had to fight off crying.  From that point on I referred to Tiffany Dow as “The Marketer with a Heart”

Time has gone buy and unlike other “gurus” I’ve noticed that Tiff has not forgotten where she came from.  She still continues to to Sacrifice HER Time to teach the art of internet marketing for free.  She doesn’t ask for money and rarely tries to sell anything at all. She is (in my opinion a “mom” to the internet marketing community)

If your interested in following her … you can find her on twitter, and also on her blog. (I recommend it!!)

Once again if you do not know of Tiffany Dow yet… Find Her Here


As Always Be Great and Stay Boosted

C.J. Hallock


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