Time to Let Go

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Ok so I went to church today and seen one of my ex’s that had treated me great to my face but secretly treated me horible… I’ll not go into details.

So my mind was not open to receive the sermon until about half way through as the preacher started saying how important it was to Pray for other people ..

I then started to hear that song “I’ll pray for you” and started smiling a cheesy smile in the middle of church(yes I know that was wrong but I’m only human and I make mistakes just like the next man.  But just as fast as this took place he touched on the next bullet point, which was “Let Go”.

Let Go…

I have found after about 3 hours of thinking since I first heard the message that I’ve held onto too many things in my past and it has hindered me from becoming the person I need to be! So I’m going to release some things publicly that has hindered me and challenge all of you to do the same.  Although you don’t have to write a blog post or comment on this post about what you have held onto I strongly suggest that you sit and think about the things that have stopped you from being the person you know you can become.

First things first, My ex’s … All of them!!  Even though there were some great points about all my ex’s I’ve allowed the negative points to hold me back.  Being cheated on created a strong sense of insecurity for me that has kept me from opening up and loving others the way I should, including myself.  Not being OCD… another one of my ex’s had to have everything perfect and fortunately for me I knew I wasn’t perfect but made some mistakes that caused us to fight and yell at eachother and ended in me putting my hand through a wall(yeah I know I was very immature for that).  I had another ex that let the fact that we were far away from eachother result in fights and arguments.  I have allowed all of these things to sit on my mind for years and years and never once realized that I was the one being hurt by holding onto them until now.

I’m not going to lie… I still have a love for all of my ex’s and will always because it was the positive and negative times that we shared that allowed me to grow and see what I need to become…

Another major issue I have held on forever was that I was in a business a few years back and one of my mentors (a self made multi-millionaire) was out of country and called me asking for a favor because she didn’t have access to send her mother the money that she needed.  So being that I was broke I sacrificed what I had and sold 40 of my dvd’s to a guy at a flea market for $35 so I could wire her mom money for her.  To me it was ok cause I didn’t need those 40 dvd’s but considering the money that my mentor supposedly made I felt comfortable with the fact that she would send me that money back as soon as she got back to the states.  Well its been almost 3 years and even with us still talking, on occasion the topic of that $35 comes up and I will be promised it within the next few days… I have yet to see it! Its not the fact of it being $35 because I really don’t need it as bad as the next person but its the principal that if she was making as much money as she claims I would have been paid back and a thank you and I’m sorry followed by it…

I said all that to say this… I’ve allowed $35 keep me from making money!  All the time I have spent (including writing this post) thinking about that $35 I lent a person I looked to as a successful role model I could have been using building on my businesses I’m working on now!

You are going to fail!

This would be one of the biggest things I have to let go!  For years I’ve had so many people place me as the center of jokes because I don’t think like the normal 28 year old.  I would rather struggle knowing that I would eventually own a successful business than struggle knowing that I would be working on making someone else have a successful business.

So I’ve heard the words “You are going to fail” or something with that undertone for years and I’ve allowed that to set my mindset on trying not to fail rather than trying to succeed. Which to some people might sound like the same thing but its not because your chances of winning the championship game when your thinking I don’t want to loose is slim to none. Yet, if you look at it as I’m going to win and focus on winning then your chances are completely higher!!

So All that said to say this…..

It’s Time to Let Go!!!

Whats holding you back? Have you allowed moments or people from your past hinder you on your journey to success?

Just Let Go!

Thank You for reading and as always be great and Stay Boosted

To Your Success and Happiness in Life

C.J. Hallock

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