Tips for Saving Money

Long story short… People are always looking for ways to save money So….

I went through my blog search tools and found a bunch of tips so I’m compiling a bunch of stuff to help everyone save money!! So here we go!…

How to Save Money


I’m not going to number these because I don’t want anyone thinking one thing will save more money than another… ok? cool here we go!

This one is huge to start with… Don’t Pay for Cable! With sites like You Tube and Hulu why pay to entertain yourself with the exception of sports which you can watch online too!

Don’t buy ANYTHING from vending machines! Think about it! If you grab a Coke or a Pepsi from a vending machine, your going to pay at least $1.25 when you can buy 6 for $3 at Wal-Mart! and the “Snack Machine” is even worse!!!! $1.50 for a Honey Bun????

Use Coupons! I know for the longest time I use to hate going to the store with my mom because it would take us 30 minutes to shop 10 minutes to check out and then another 20 minutes for her to find and hand over all the coupons, but, she did that because $0.30 may not seem like a lot to save but when you add all 45 items you saved $0.30 on it adds up quick….(just so u know I did the math- $13.50- Thats a lot of cokes!!!)

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs! I think we have already beat this one to death. The CFL bulbs save energy. I am changing out the bulbs at work so its all CFL!  They may cost more up front but they save so much more in the long run…..See for Yourself!

Buy in Bulk- Its this simple… You buy more you save more!

Use Candles- There are many times that candles will work just as good as a corner light!  You don’t have to live like they use to and walk around with a torch but you get the point…For Example

Compare Shop- Compensate/Compete Shop– When you get ready to go shopping look at the adds and compare products between companies to find the cheapest prices at this point you can price comp at Wal-Mart(its kinda like the extra 20minutes with coupons but its worth it). Comp Shop or Price Comp is when another store or website offers the same product at a cheaper price and companies like Wal-Mart will sell products at competitors prices!!   If you don’t like going through adds or don’t get the paper(good Idea there! you can read most the news online) you can also Compare Shop when you….

Use the App 4 Shopping– This is a B!G ONE!!!  This takes “Compare Shopping” to another level with a simple click, pulling the best prices from All the best Comparison Shopping and Auction Sites!  Going back to using Coupons, The App 4 Shopping will pull coupons for almost anything and also will pull local stores that carry the product if you have to have it now and can’t wait for it to be shipped!

Cook in Bulk-This is probably not for everyone but if you can cook something that you and your family likes in bulk it makes it cheaper and you can have 2 dinners in one weak done and/or lunch! Which Leads me to…..

Eat Left-Overs! It is exactly what it sounds like if you cook dinner and have some left over… put it in a container then in the fridge so you can eat it later!!(This makes for great Lunches at work)

Re-Use Plastic Shopping Bags for Trash Bags. Thats it!  It saves you from having to spend $10 every month on trash bags… you can space that out over a few months now!

Create a Menu for Your Week/Month– Depending on if you shop week to week,bi-weekly or monthly sit down and create a menu and it doesn’t have to be what your going to eat each specific night but if you can put together 7 meals for the next week and decide what your in the mood to fix each night.  Once you get your Menu together its easier to

Make Shopping Lists and Stick to Them!–  Because it is huge!!!  You know what your going to cook throughout the week so you know for the most part what you need from the store any other small things like eggs, bread, milk,peanut butter and whatever can be put on the list as you run out so if you stick to the list you only get what you need … Which leads me to the last tip which is (in my opinion) one of the MOST IMPORTANT TIPS!

Eat Before You Go to the Grocery Store! We’ve ALL been there before!  Your walking up and down the isles starving to death and everything looks good so you end up going with 30 things on your list and leave with 2 buggies full……  Eat Before You Go!!!

Hope this helps a little bit!

As Always Be Great and Stay Boosted!

C.J. Hallock

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