What Moment Do You Think About Often? | Daily Blog Challenge


I wanted to force myself to spend more time writing to work on my craft so I’ve decided to start a “Daily Blog Challenge”.  So the plan is to ask myself a question or pick a new topic for each day and write a short blog post each evening before I finish the day.

The topic for today is:

What Moment Do You Think About Often?

There are a lot of moments that I think about on a daily basis but one moment specifically stands out among the rest. It was 2008 and I had just finished watching Nebraska play with my dad and papaw. We had wrapped up the game and I got in dad’s work van to head home.

We started down the road and a few miles down the road he pulled over and was extremely quiet.  See, I had been working on growing a business (ACN). It was network marketing and there was not a single person in my life that understood what I was wanting to do.  He pulled over and once he was on the side of the road he turned to me.

“I don’t think it’s this phone thing but you will be successful. We all give you a hard time but we do it cause we love you & are just giving you a hard time.” He went on to tell me to never quit and keep pushing for my dreams.

It was a moment in my life I’ll never forget.  For years, being the youngest, I felt like I always had to compete with my siblings. I was never good enough at many different things because my siblings were always better than me.  Sports, grades, and almost everything else.

This was the first moment I truly felt like my dad truly supported me in this journey.  He said he knows he rubbed off on me and that me being as “hard-headed” as he was is the reason why I would be successful.

It is great to think about this moment because when I start feeling low and not sure if I should keep going, I think about the look in his face when he stopped the van and my inspiration comes back stronger every time.

I may seem somewhat cheezy to some people but that single moment I believe is the main reason I’ve been able to move forward with my dreams.  I sometimes go back to the same spot and just sit there and talk to him and use that as a way to vent and get refocused.

He wasn’t my biological father but he was an amazing man.  He stepped in and loved my mom with all of his heart and loved my sister and me just the same as he did his own kids.  He may not have been the type to be all mushy, but he loved strong.

Got a little mushy today but that’s the blog of the day lol 😛

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