HouseCo Home Inspection Services LLC

Inspection Legend

✅  – Everything checks out

❎  –  OK but there are recommendations

❌  – Recommendation to fix

Brand Inspection

Your branded name is what you are known by on the internet. The key is to have a name (or handle) that is shorter than 15 characters to ensure it’s easy to remember and that you can register it a not only a domain but also on the various social media platforms.

This section is to check the uniformity of your branded name between your domain (website address) and your social media.

You have the Domain & Facebook But …

Instagram – We discussed this yesterday. You should set up an account and be sure that the handle is @housecohis and you can see the Instagram guide I told you about here. Just remember that it’s been about 2 years since it has been updated so there isn’t a lot on the “Stories”, “Reels”, or “Instagram TV” features. But the basics remain the same.

Twitter – While you do not use it, you do have a twitter account that is currently @housecollc and should be changed if it is available. You want to be sure that it is right should Twitter make changes in how they operate or it becomes a platform worth using for you in the future.

Just like twitter, I would also recommend that you get your branded name on any of the major platforms at least so you have them to be safe.

Website Surface Checks

This encrypts your customer’s/client’s data when they use your website to send information like a contact form. This helps keep your customers/clients safe.

While a “responsive” website means you can view it and show up properly on a smart phone, part of being responsive is to make sure they are completely “Mobile Friendly”.

This includes a thing called “Tap Targets” which is basically making sure there are not any two links/buttons close to eachother. This makes sure your customers aren’t trying to click on a button and accidentally clicking the wrong one.  

While you can’t make every link/button at least 48px wide/tall, there are a few on your site that should be bigger and spaced out.

The better your website is optimized for mobile responsiveness, the higher you will rank.

There are also some formatting issues with the text being boxed in only allowing in some spots, only 3 words per line so it makes the pages longer than needed.

Website Walkthrough

From what I can see, it looks like there isn’t full website uniformity. We discussed your website yesterday as far as the “Hero” section. (Video section) 

The way it sits, it doesn’t have a traditional “Header” like the other pages. This means that you’re changing the process to navigate through your website and that could be confusing for clients.

I would highly recommend including a header on every page unless there is a specific reason. (Landing page to offer a free download or something like that)


We also discussed the video and I’ll get into that in the optimization overview, along with resizing and optimizing the images on the website to decrease your load time.

I do recommend a blog and having a small archive to display your most recent posts help make you look like the expert who really cares.

At first site, this page looks extremely basic and has a lot of white space. While white space can be a great design element, everything needs to be spaced evenly.

I would also recommend cleaning up the design and bring the picture of you and your family into it’s own section. Maybe even go as far as telling a shortened version of one of your favorite memores. Don’t be afraid to lean on being a family man. That is going to help sell you “the inspector”.

The last part being your certifications and associations. You can use this section to educate more about you and build trust with your potential clients.

I would (if you have time and are ok with this) create a section with each item that has a small write up that links to a blog post of you discussing that thing. For InterNACHI you can tell the story of studying and what it took to get certified.

For the “Veteran Owned” you can share an overview blog post discussing the lessons you learned in the Army. Attention to detail and all of that.

For the people who come to this page, they are basically trying to get a feel for you and your business. 

This is where they decide if they are going to trust you or not. 

So, since you have a decent amount of content on the front page, I would focus on telling the story of how you came to be a inspector, share your journey and the businesses journey here. The more transparent you are and think about/market to your potential clients as your best friends. 

Be formal but also be sure to be yourself and show that in the content.

Design wise, the icons need to be evenly spaced and centered. This will also help increase the “responsiveness” checks based on Google.


If you used an accordion type of a design (Like on this page) it will get rid of the extra space and make it look cleaner.

Inside of each question “answer” section I would do a decent write up about 100 words each, with a link to a blog post that breaks the answer down into details.

For example: with “Why should we get a home inspection?” you have your generic answer then link to a blog post titled something like “You Wouldn’t Gamble Your Life Savings Would You? Learn why you should get a home inspection so you don’t gamble with your family’s future.


While you have some good content here, I would recommend some more written content along with some images and testimonial that takes them to your “Reviews” page. 

With more content the design will evolve.

The only main thing I would recommend is making a bigger “CTA” or “Call To Action” to get them over to schedule their inspection.

I would recommend centering the written content vertically with the video.

I would also recommend that you do a video introducing yourself and also going through a sample report yourself. 

If you don’t know how to do the screen recording video, Look up OBS Open Broadcast System. I use it all the time! It can take a few minutes to get set up but it’s really not hard.

Under the “Here’s How it Works” heading I would also do a short paragraph telling them how to go through to see the steps.

Word of advice, I was told this by one of my mentors years ago and as crazy and cruel as you may think it sounds…

Always market to the dumbest person who is going to buy your product.

It can take some time to try and look at things purposely trying to find how it could confuse people but if you keep that in the back of your mind you will potentially eliminate 25-30% of the people who leave your website.

Displaying the reviews like the way you have them are great but you’re missing a call to action for people to go to Google/Facebook and leave a review along with some basic steps explaining how to leave a review.

You should also have a small thank you note just thanking your customers for being awesome.

That way you can use this page to send to your customers after the inspections to request a review.

Then to make it easy you can get a domain specifically for this that can be redirected to this page.

For example : (which is available. You can buy it for $20/year with security and everything with <- which is my company that serves as an alternate to GoDaddy.)

Then you can say “You can leave me a review by going to and following the steps.

So this is going to be the most important page on your website because it’s where you print the money!

But for now, it doesn’t look like it. 

I would start the page with a picture of you, maybe another one of you and your family and a headline something like “From my family to yours, thank you for trusting me”

Then I would have a write up on “What You NEED To Know Before You Schedule.”

This is where you would “set expectations” but you’re ultimately addressing their objections to kill any doubt that hiring you is the only option.

Then tell them what to do …

Now that you’re ready to schedule your home inspection, here’s what happens next… Go to the dropdown box and select the services you want to schedule. Then finish the form and you will receive a confirmation email once it is processed into the system. Talk to you soon ~Darrell

PS. If you are having any issues scheduling your inspection, you can always call me …

I would include your phone number at the top and the bottom to assure them that you are there for them if they need you.


This is just a brochure page so nothing major needs to be focused on with the exception of adding a Call To Action to schedule a home inspection and I would also recommend spacing the text out to break up the white space.

Clean design I’d only recommend a small body of text with a bit of a pitch to schedule the home inspection

This page is going to be a buffer between potential client and client.

You need to have a contact form just for them to send questions or request a call. If they don’t feel like calling it may be a deal breaker. 

Another quick lesson is to always try to be the path of least resistance.

Also, the email you have listed is your Gmail and you should update that :) 

I would also make the page as one column instead of two, it can be distracting to have content next to a form. We’re trained to read left to right so once they start filling out that form and giving you access to them, you don’t want to give that up.

Search Engine Optimization

Looking through the keywords you use in the content of your website, you do have “Home Inspection” at 2.79% density. Meaning the words “Home Inspection” are 2.79% of the content on your website. That is good but there are no city modifiers and you can use a better keyword. 

Trying to “SEO” your website for specific cities can be hard. You don’t want to over do it. The best thing to do is focus on one “city”. Once you start ranking high for your main city, it is a lot easier to rank for the other cities.

Also you do not have references to “Home Inspector” which is going to be one of your biggest problems because you need to have that keyword for the majority of the bigger keyword searches.

You give the inspection, but they want to hire the inspector.

So I would look at doing something like 

I am proud to be a home inspector in the Kentuckiana area. I live here, my family is here, and I just love it … 

or whatever you feel is you, but I would try to find a way to incorporate “Home Inspector” a lot more into the content.

Backlinks are basically websites that link to your website.

Google sees backlinks as that website suggesting your business/website.

This is a tricky topic because a lot of people will misunderstand and just go try to buy “backlinks” DO NOT DO THAT…

“Building backlinks” is just like building trust. If the source isn’t credible, you wont be either. 

If someone who screwed you over tries to send you a lead, you will be hesitant to trust it.

So when you buy back links you are asking for bad reviews and low listings from google.

That being said, Backlinks build organically over time as your business grows but you can build them up by completing your social media profiles with live links back to your home page. 

If you plan on doing a “grand opening”, you can reach out to the news stations and put out a press release that will get you some back links from their websites.

While these are not necessary, they do help speed the process up.

This isn’t technically part of your website but when it comes to ranking and generating qualified traffic to your website, this may be the most important piece to the puzzle as long as SEO is still a thing and Google is still the #1 search engine.

I would go through and fill out as much info as possible. Including adding images on a regular basis. At least once a week.

Website Load Time & Optimization

Because more and more people browse the internet from mobile devices, optimizing your website is more important than ever.

Basically put, optimizing your website is the process of making the files as small as possible without ruining your website so that it still looks amazing but is easy for the browsers to load and load fast. The faster you load, the higher you will rank.

When it comes to optimizing your website there are hundreds if not thousands of things that can slow a website down so what is going to be covered are the main issues that are slowing your website down. 

Because a websites home page is normally the largest page on the website, all tests and findings are based on the home page. And because no two people have the same internet speed or computer, these are averages.

For the best performance, the size of your pages should be under 3MB. I personally like to try and keep it as close to 1MB as possible. 

When it comes to loading your home page, currently your home page “fully loaded time” is 6.5 seconds. which is a lot better than others but you should be around 5 seconds if not lower. Depending on the content, I’ve seen some websites load closer to 2-3 seconds.

One “cheat” is to use a web host that has a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or use a stand alone CDN. These companies have servers all over the world that are the exact same. So if your hosting company only has one server in Dallas, then the information has to travel from Kentucky to Dallas and back to Kentucky. Some CDN’s have over 100 server locations throughout the US which means regardless of where your clients are, the content is closer to them so your website loads faster.

You can also use what’s called a “Caching” plugin that kind of creates a single picture of your website and loads that first what everything loads as the actual content. It sounds more complicated than it is. And is harder to explain :) 

Getting deeper into the speed of your website.

Once the first piece of information starts to transfer it’s called “Time To First Byte” (or TTFB) most hosting companies are about the same with this. But once that first piece of code gets transferred, it takes 1.2 seconds before it starts to change it over to the actual content. After that, it’s an additional 3.1 seconds before the video loads.

That is 4.3 seconds before anyone can scroll, click a button or anything else and another 2.1 seconds before the rest of the website loads.

If you take out the video and resize/optimize the two background images, along with optimizing the source code (Minifying CSS Code), using a CDN, Caching and adding a blackhole for unwanted bots that eat up your bandwidth, you could possible get your website to load in the 3-4 second range.