Wood Burning Special

I have a box full of wood burnings and all of them have to go!!!!

$50 pieces for $25
$30 pieces for $15
$10 pieces for $5

Pieces I have…

Mel Gibson from Braveheart… $15
Tupac from Juice… $15
“LionArt” custom Lion head…$25
Anime girl… $15
Heath Ledger as The Joker… $25
Vin Desil as Riddick…$25
Michael Jacksons eyes… $15
Pokemon bat character… $5
Virginia Tech logo… $5
Tennessee logo… $5
Bear in wilderness…$5

For ALL pieces bought today Buy 2 get 1 of equal or lesser value FREE!!!!!!

Call or Text for details…423-254-0310
Email also welcome… cjhallock@gmail.com

Pictures can be found on my facebook page

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