YouTube Description Template • What You Need To Include In Your Videos

This YouTube description template can help you understand what it takes to optimize your YouTube videos. Of course there are always other steps but the upload template I've created has helped me with YouTube for years.
free youtube description template

This YouTube description template has been compiled over the years. It works for me in my markets but nothing is guaranteed. So move forward at your own risk.

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Your YouTube description is important because it not only tells YouTube what the video is about so that it will display your video in the results, but it also gives you a place to put links you want your viewers to visit.

I’ve been on youtube for years and have MANY channels. (I’d tell you how many but honestly I don’t know…lol)

My very first upload to YouTube was this cheezy video. It looked horrible and was only 12 seconds. But, believe it or not, it currently is sitting with over 26,000 views!

***Disclaimer: I know the views mean nothing because there is no monetization or purpose for the video but it’s still kinda cool.***

Over the years I studied a lot of different channels and found a basic recipe that helps A LOT!

I’m going to be going through the parts of the “recipe” or “template” for YouTube.

The first thing is your title:

Main Keyword | A Broad Overview (Sell The Click)

For example, if I did a video on this blog post it would look something like.

YouTube Description Template • What You Need To Know (It’s More Than Optimization)

After you put in your Title, it’s time for the meat! (YouTube Description) lol

I’m going to cover the different sections I have in my template.

Tell them what they are going to watch

In this video… Description to sell the watch

This will look something like this…

In this video, we are going to be covering some basics and advanced tricks to increase your visibility and conversions with a Free YouTube Description Template.

Send them to your website

“Long Tail Keyword” at “Link”

YouTube Description Template Breakdown at

Call To Action (CTA) to subscribe

Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this:
(youtube channel URL)sub_confirmation=1

The link above is how you create an auto-subscribe link with YouTube.

If your YouTube channel link is

Then your subscription link is

Give them a soft pitch to follow you on your social media platforms

***I hope this has helped you. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to me on my social media profiles:


Video Information & Disclaimer (This Is The Secret Sauce)

This part of your video description on YouTube is made of 5 parts.

Heading to let them know that this information is important.

***Video Information & Disclaimer***

Video Tags

Tags are also used in a separate section but typing them out here will help with ranking and give you a place to see them all without interruption. Type these out with commas to separate them. (These tell YouTube what your video is about. You can think of these as keywords or something like “hashtags”)

Tags: tagnumber1, tagnumber2, tagnumber3, tagnumber4

The Actual Video Link!

This is the dumbest & smartest part of this whole thing. As your video is processing it will give you the video URL. Paste it here! … There are many different reasons for this but let’s just say it helps. :)

Video Link:

Disclaimers Matter!

I don’t know your channel or what you are doing but if you are doing anything like medical discussions, affiliate marketing or anything at all I’d recommend you put together a disclaimer. (You Should Hire A Lawyer!!!!) I am not a lawyer and shouldn’t be listened to when it comes to legal advice … EVER! But, below I’ve listed the disclaimer I have on most of my videos.

**Disclaimer** Links mentioned in this video may be affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you purchase services or products based on my recommendations.

YouTube Hashtags

You have seen these on YouTube directly under the video. These are the 3 main things your video is about. There is a limit to 3 per video so be thoughtful when you decide what hashtags to use.

#first #second #third

I hope you enjoyed this YouTube Description Template… if you would like to see an example you can take a look at this video: